Day 1 – Wednesday 25th May 2016

We’re Off…
After years of planning and saving we’re finally on our way. The goodbyes were emotional, but an overwhelming sense of excitement has been lingering ever since.
I’m not a big fan of flying, take-off especially, but our first flight from Heathrow to Vancouver was different. I’ve never been on what I call a ‘big aeroplane’ but this was something else. The take-off was fine, as was the landing, and everything in between was impressive too! I watched a few movies, Jurassic World and Creed, on my personal interactive screen, then had a complimentary pasta with a few complimentary beers, and finished off with pretzels and ice cream (let’s assume that’s a Canadian thing).
Getting through security upon arrival was a bit of a scare. Abbie was fine but they called into a separate room and quizzed me about why I’m visiting Canada, what I’m doing when I leave, whether or not I plan to work and what I do for a living back at home. It was a pretty intimidating experience, especially given that the person in front of me was arrested and escorted to a private room by six security guards, but after explaining that we are backpacking (which the backpacks somehow didn’t give away) we were sent on our way.
We took a SkyTrain from the airport to Waterfront Station, Downtown Vancouver, and walked for about fifteen minutes to our hotel – the Budget Inn Patricia, situated right between Gastown and Chinatown. Reviews on were not that bad but let’s just say you get what you pay for. The 2* rating is probably about fair and the decor was reminiscent of Bates Motel (yeah, that’s an educational reference; I studied Hitchcock when I was in year ten at school).
We went for dinner as soon as we’d lumbered our backpacks up to the fifth floor and left thrown them onto the bed. Tripadvisor recommended Pat’s Pub which was just 0.1km away and we made it there by 18:50, ten minutes before happy hour ends. The special was a pulled pork sandwich and house lager was only $2.75 (that’s less than £1.50?!). A no brainer, right?
We finished our food as a Rock n Roll band took to the stage, and when a few fifty-something dancers headed for the floor, we headed to bed. By this time, 20:00 locally, we’d been awake for nearly twenty four hours.
Trying to train the body clocks was a struggle, but we knew we’d get there…


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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