Day 5 – Sunday 29th May 2016

Time to relax…
Every Sunday Marion volunteers at Sun Point Retirement Community. She had to be there by 11:00 and said that if we drop her off we could take the car and do some exploring. Although I’d already been for a drive (yesterday evening) I’d been paying so much attention to being on the wrong side of the road and car that I had absolutely no idea where I was going, so while I played driver Abbie played navigator. Impressively, she took us straight to the mall, where we had a look around before grabbing a coffee and returning to pick up Marion.
We had Marion’s three grandchildren over in the afternoon, Carter (11), Quincy (9) and Olivia (7). It took a while for them to come out of their shell (as it does with kids their age) but it wasn’t long before we all made friends. Carter and I sat to watch London Knights v Robyn-Miranda Huskies in the Memorial Cup Final, followed by a repeat of yesterday’s MLS Soccer League fixture between Houston Dynamo v Vancouver Whitecaps, while the girls played with peeler beads and done some colouring with crayons. After that we all went to the basement to play seven up (heads down thumbs up) and musical chairs, leaving Marion to cook supper.
We had chicken pasta, followed by ice cream, and then headed outside for a game of catch. The simple things, eh?
Once the kids had been dropped home we watched the Memorial Day Concert live from Washington DC. The Beach Boys played (yeah, The Beach Boys, seriously) and they absolutely stole the show! Like, I’ve never been a massive fan of theirs, but I’ve just been fully converted. Everything about them was absolutely spot on.
The day of nothing has probably done us the world of good. Our sleeping pattern is very nearly there (apparently it takes about seven days usually) and we’re expecting a week of sun, so can’t complain at all. Enjoy your intermittent clouds at home – I’ll be out in my factor fifty getting accidentally burnt.


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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