Day 6 – Monday 30th May 2016

Proudest moment ever…
Let’s cut to the chase here because I was literally jumping around in the park with excitement earlier like a five year old when the ice cream man shows up. I took my first picture with my new camera today, of a bird, in a tree, with a fish in its mouth. That’s right. The bird caught a fish (literally), and I managed to get this photograph:


I don’t even know which type of bird it was, but I was so proud that I took to Twitter and asked a whole bunch of nature enthusiasts, who have concluded that it was a male belted kingfisher. I took a picture of a male belted kingfisher with a fish in its mouth! Excitement overload.
The excitement doesn’t end there though. It was sunny today, with barely any clouds, and had it not been for excessive sun cream, I’d have definitely been burnt. We had Tim Hortons for lunch (a chicken wrap and chocolate donut) and then Subway for supper. Not just any old Subway thought. Italian Herbs and Cheese, with Ribs!
Aside from all of the exciting birds and fish and food, today was awesome because I got to speak to my brother for the first time in like five days too. I’ve not really considered missing anybody just yet but us two are as close as it gets, and five days feels like a lifetime! It’s our birthday this Sunday (we share the same birthday) and it’ll be the first that I can remember spending it without him in forever. Don’t worry though bro, I’ll be back for your 21st next year, that’s the one that counts…
This evening we watched the game one of the Stanley Cup Finals, where Pittsburgh Penguins beat San Jose Sharks by three goals to two. Game two is on Wednesday and we’ve already scheduled our day around being at home to watch it. We’re cheering for the Penguins because Canadian national hero Sidney Crosby is their star man, and Marion happens to have them in a sweepstake too. Wish us luck!


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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