Day 7 – Tuesday 31st May 2016

Sun’s out, guns out…
Today I got out of bed early, and noticed in the mirror that after than less that a week out here in Kelowna, even with it being overcast the majority of the time, I’ve already landed myself a pretty decent t-shirt tan. Smooth.
It was already 20℃ before midday, so Abbie and I decided to head out for a walk. Marion offered us the car but I’d rather get lost walking than get lost driving, especially when it’s this nice outside. Fully coated in factor fifty, I went for the super cool idea of a vest top with an unbuttoned shirt over the top, because then I wouldn’t be adding to the t-shirt tan but I’d still be pretty comfortable in the heat. Genius. Or so I thought…
After say ten minutes the shirt was gone and I was rocking the vest top on its own. Take me back six months when I was training at the gym three or four times a week and I wouldn’t have minded, but in my current state (slightly overweight, pale as can be, with red arms from somewhere just below the shoulder down) I felt proper silly. Ah well, best get used to it I guess. It’s only going to get hotter!
We had dinner pretty early, around 18:00, at a downtown bar/restaurant called Sturgeon Hall. It’s been owned by two local lads since 1995 and has a really welcoming vibe from the second you walk in. To the left, a bar with sports memorabilia all over the walls and a variety of beers on tap. To the right, a restaurant with plasma TV’s showing the baseball, and a specials board so long that I had to re-read it a good few times. I went for the Burton Cummings burger (¼lb ground chuck, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo, cheddar and bacon). Apparently Burton Cummings is a Canadian musician, but I don’t know why they named a burger after him.
Walking back to the car, we happened to walk past a roller derby. An official, organised, proper roller derby. Better yet, it was outside a yacht club, on a concrete floor. These nutters were roller skating in circles right next to the sidewalk, no holding back, getting pushed all over the place with nothing but knee pads on to protect them. You know when you’re kinda shocked and surprised and confused all at the same time so you just kind of laugh awkwardly? That was me.
Anyway that’s all for today. I’m writing this at 20:00 and it’s still 24℃. Goodnight all.


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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