Day 8 – Wednesday 1st June 2016

One week down…
Today we had a really lazy morning, waking up at around 10am and getting out of bed probably an hour or so later.
After midday we visited Marion’s son Neil, a Canadian PGA Professional, at Tower Ranch Golf Course where he is Director of Operations. Tower Ranch has an astounding view of Kelowna, overlooking five other golf courses and a huge portion of the city.


We stayed there for lunch and shared three appetisers – Dry Ribs, Calamari and Chicken Cesar Salad. I also tried a shandy with ginger ale instead of lemonade which was surprisingly good.
After eating we headed home and watched Ottawa Fury v Vancouver Whitecaps in the first leg of the Canadian Championship Semi Final. The first goal came after just two minutes, followed by another just before half time, both for Ottawa Fury. No goals were scored in the second half, so Vancouver need at least two in the next leg to stand a chance of reaching the Final. Soccer isn’t a big deal out here though to be honest.
For supper we headed to Lord Chumley’s Halibut & Chips, the number one spot for fish and chips in Kelowna. Marion’s friend Marlyn, who met Abbie’s mum Christine around twenty years ago when she visited Kelowna herself, joined us to eat. You know the typical ‘oh you look so much like your mother’ thing that happens from time to time? We had loads of that. Back to the food though, I’m not really a fanatic when it comes to fish and chips, but in comparison to what I’m used to (Joe’s Fish Bar in Northumberland Heath) it was absolutely top notch. Not only that, but it came with unlimited Ice Tea. Result!
We rushed straight back to watch game two of the Stanley Cup Finals once we’d eaten, where Pittsburgh Penguins beat San Jose Sharks again to give themselves a two game advantage, meaning that subject to the next two results they could be champions by the end of the week. I think that the Sharks will pull it back though.
Lastly, on a completely separate note, you may or may not have noticed that my brother (cheeky git that he is) has started a blog back home, titled theinvinciblesweb, to keep me up to date on what I’m missing. If you can we’d both really appreciate if you could check it out by clicking here!


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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