Day 9 – Thursday 2nd June 2016

Last man standing…
Today I decided to go on a solo exploration mission. Marion had to head out until mid afternoon and Abbie sat in the sun reading, so on went my sandals (no socks though) and out I went.
I had a quick look on Google Maps for the closest place that seemed somewhat interesting, before deciding to head back to Chichester Wetland Park. Although Abbie and I went there the other day we didn’t see all of the park, just a bit of it. I wandered for a while before getting a bit intentionally lost and heading into the woods, where I (rather unexpectedly) bumped into a turtle. Here’s me with the high hopes of seeing a bear or an elk or a dear, but getting just as excited over a turtle. Maybe the novelty will start to wear off, but I really hope not, I’d much rather get excited about absolutely everything for the next year or so.
On the way home I took a bit of a detour, again almost trying to get lost, and found Rutland Convenience Store. It’s got some pretty cool graffiti on the side and is well known for the fact that it serves over 24 flavours of soft serve ice cream. image

I didn’t have one though, I saved myself for another time when Abbie is with me so that we can get one each and try some of each others. What a nice guy eh?
When I got back to Marion’s I went straight online to look up the turtle I’d spotted, and judging by appearance it looked like a Western Northern Pacific Pond Turtle. Unfortunately I then went on to read that these turtles are now considered extirpated (no longer found) in BC, which was a massive disappointment. I’m just gutted that I didn’t have my camera to hand to get a picture.
Edit: After further research I worked out that it was a Western Painted Turtle, the only native pond turtle left in BC. That makes a little more sense.
The rest of the afternoon and evening was pretty laid back. I spent at least about four hours convincing myself that the turtle may have been a super rare species and kicking myself over not having a camera on me when I saw it. Abbie has been reading her book literally all day, she’s well over half way in just over a week and it’s a pretty hefty book. I don’t know how she does it, but I guess my habit of writing goes hand in hand with her habit of reading.
The temperature is getting high enough that we now have a fan in our bedroom overnight. It’s a bit noisy but we couldn’t do without it. Oh and the t-shirt tan is only getting worse, but I haven’t seen anybody else without a top on yet so I can’t bring myself to taking off mine. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I get the beer belly out though!


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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