Day 10 – Friday 3rd June 2016

Treated like royalty…
We had a late start today, or later than usual at least. We planned to visit Marion’s friend Vicki for lunch, so only had a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Vicki lives a short drive away and with food set for around 12:30 we arrived an hour or so in advance, to catch up and introduce ourselves properly. Vicki is eighty eight years old, of Ukrainian heritage, and met Abbie once before around seven years ago.
To say that she really spoiled us is a complete understatement! For lunch she prepared a turkey roast, with vegetables, stuffing, potatoes and cranberry, followed by fruit and jelly with cream for afters. The fact that she went to so much effort just to have us over for lunch made us both feel really special, but it turned out that we were not just any old guests to her, as Abbie’s family were in fact quite familiar. As we left, she asked us to sign a guest book which dated back to 1976. We had a flick through and found two very recogniseable entries: Chris Taylor, 1983 (Abbie’s mum, aged 22) and Chris/David Parkes, 1988 (Abbie’s parents, aged 26/25). I was astonished, not only that this guest book had been going for so long, but that Abbie’s parents had both been welcomed into the say home by the same lovely lady as us, albeit roughly thirty years ago.
On the way back we made an stop at Mission Creek Regional Park, which is famous for over twelve kilometers of hiking trails and (more excitingly) the wildlife that it inhabits. We’re not just talking the odd squirrel either, the list includes 9 species – Painted Turtle, Great Basin Gopher Snake, Northern Pacific Rattlesnake, Lewis’ Woodpecker, Flammulated Owl, Western Screech-owl, Townsend’s Big-eared Bat, Badger and California Bighorn Sheep. No bears though. We’re going to go back another day with our walking shoes on, but I’ve included a few pictures at the bottom of this post to give you an idea of what we saw.
We got home late in the afternoon and had no room for supper because of the lunch we’d eaten, so a sandwich was sufficient. It’s not every day that you’re treated like royalty by a half stranger but that’s how today felt. Here’s the pics from the park anyway:image




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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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