Day 11 – Saturday 4th June 2016

Happy Birthday to me you…
Even with both the fan and the air conditioning switched on, last night was stuffy. We always knew that this weekend was going to be hot but I assumed it would cool down overnight. Apparently not. It did work out alright in the end though because it meant that we woke up early and had a chance to make the most of our day.
The first day of the Okanagan Antique Power Club, a non-profit Tractor and Machinery Fair, took place today not far from where we’re staying. We thought we’d check it out, and accompanied again by Joyce, it turned out to be quite a pleasant morning. A variety of vehicles were on show, some manufactured back in the early 20th century, all in full working order. I tried to get a few pictures, but there turned out to be so many people doing the same thing that my options were either 1) get photographs with other people in them, or 2) go without. For the majority of the time I went without, but here’s a picture of Abbie being annoying and intentionally walking right in front of me as I tried to get a decent shot of the absolute monster that’s behind her.


We stayed for a couple of hours and then went for lunch, conveniently enough in a place next door to a winery. The menu didn’t look great but the lady serving us recommended the Italian Panini, so I went for it and it was actually really good. We then got involved in the wine tasting, despite the fact that I don’t really like wine. Free alcohol is free alcohol though, right? Wrong. It was all dry and horrible. Even Joyce agreed and she is a fan of wine!
When we got back to Marion’s it was 28℃ outside, so we treated ourselves to a bit of sunshine out back. I probably lasted about ninety minutes before deciding to move under a tree to cool down, where I lasted for a further hour or so before I’d had enough and went for a shower.
The third game of the Stanley Cup Final (my new favourite competition) was on a bit later in the day. San Jose Sharks trailed against Pittsburgh Penguins by two games to nothing leading into the match, and needed to win to reignite their hopes of winning the competition. At full time it was a draw, but a winner for the Sharks in the extra time means that they can go level if they do they manage the same result in the fourth game which is being held on Monday.
On to the important stuff anyway! As I’m writing this it’s 21:40 (still 25℃ though), which means that it is now my brothers birthday. Happy Birthday bro! Here’s the interesting bit though, for those of you who don’t know already. My brother was born on my fourth birthday, which means that back at home it’s my birthday too. Not here in Kelowna though, I am eight hours behind. So, for the first time ever, he is only three years younger than me. Isn’t that wicked?
While I’m at it I might as well tell you a story too. My parents let me name my brother, and his name is Billy Jason Somogyi.
Billy = Blue Power Ranger.
Jason = Red Power Ranger.
You got it, I named him after my two favourite Power Rangers. As Abbie once said “at least you liked Power Rangers then not Pokemon, else he would have been called Pikachu Blastoise.” Imagine that!
That’s enough anyway, I’m blabbling. I hope you have the best birthday ever man. You’re not a teenager any more, which is pretty insignificant in hindsight, but means one really important thing. Next year is the big one, and by that time, I’ll be back home to spend it with you.


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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