Day 14 – Tuesday 7th June 2016

Yeah, we can be responsible…
Today was a day made up entirely of doing responsible and adult-like things (which could be deemed unusual for me, I guess).
At around 11:00 Abbie and I headed to Mission Creek Regional Park again to follow some of the hiking trails. Fully equipped with my hiking socks/shoes combination to ensure support and comfort for my ankles, and a collapsible water bottle to combat dehydration, I was ready to go. As we walked through a field towards the lake (which is pretty central to all of the hiking trails) three or four of these small squirrel-like animals appeared out of nowhere and dashed for cover in the bush. I’ve no idea what on earth they were, but will do some research soon and update this post to let you know!
Update: After a bit of research I’ve found that they were yellow-belly marmots. Also known as the rock chucks, they are mainly brown, with dark bushy tails, yellow chests and white patch between the eyes, weighing up to about 5 kg. They live in burrows in colonies of up to twenty individuals with a single dominant male. They feed on plant material, insects and bird eggs. They hibernate for about eight months from September until the weather warms up. Here’s a stock photo that I’ve pulled straight from Google Images:


We walked for an hour or so before we had to leave, because it was our job today to get the kids from school. First on the pick-up list was Quincy and Olivia, who go to the same school. Conscious of time, we got to them about 45 minutes early, and spent every second of it absolutely melting in the car park because there was no shade to hide under. There’s no way we could have arrived late though, and we made sure that didn’t happen.
Next was Carter, who goes to a different school, not too far away. We’re really starting to get to know our way around now, which is great, and running errands (such as doing the school run) only adds to that. Once home, we all took a trip to the local store to pick up some candy, and then watched TV together for a couple of hours, before the kids had to go home.
Abbie and I then took it upon ourselves to drive to another store, but this time for ourselves, to pick up snacks, groceries etc. for the next week or so. We brought loads of clever food, like bagels, which we can have for breakfast or lunch or anything in between, and tortilla chips, which can be eaten normally as tortilla chips if we’re feeling boring, or magically transformed into nachos if we’re feeling adventurous. We also brought pizza, because pizza.
As we sat down to eat, we thought we’d check out the TV to see if there was anything worth watching, but when I pressed the on button nothing happened. I tried again, but still nothing. I know one thing when it comes to fixing, and that’s the good old ‘switch it off and on again’ trick, but as I couldn’t even get it on in the first place we had a problem on our hands. I tried the upstairs TV too, but the same thing happened. Here’s the grown up part though – I then sat on the phone for over an hour and a half waiting for technical advice so that I could get everything fixed. Patience, ladies and gents, a skill that its taken me 24 years to acquire.
We’ve been gone for two whole weeks now, which is nearly 4% of our entire trip (I worked that out just to make you feel better, mum). Also we’ve got Euro 2016 starting this week, which means that I can bore Abbie again by banging on about football like I always used to at home. Do I think England can do it? No. Will I be watching every game just in case? Definitely.


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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