Day 16 – Thursday 9th June 2016

If this was just a holiday we’d be home by now…
Today we came to terms with the fact that if this was just a two week holiday, we’d have left already. Kinda scary, given that we’ve got another fifty weeks before we even start to think about coming home.
We visited Joyce today, and on the way Marion asked whether or not I thought I would find it difficult to adjust back to driving on what I consider the correct side of the road. I don’t think so, but my sub-conscious self obviously had a melt down at that point because I almost turned straight into oncoming traffic. Almost being the key word there though, don’t worry, I didn’t actually crash or anything.
Joyce prepared a lovely lunch for us, with cake for afters (we seriously need to introduce this dessert after lunch thing back at home) and then took us on a trip to her local winery (wine after lunch back at home would go down a treat too in fact). I was the designated driver so didn’t take part in the wine tasting, which is a shame, because I’m starting to enjoy the whole free alcohol thing out here, even if there’s not much of it.
We spent most of the afternoon with Joyce, then ordered a Chinese takeaway for dinner when we got home. We shared four dishes between two of us – ginger beef, BBQ pork chop suey, vegetable chow mein and king prawns. The whole order came to like $17 or so (which is £10ish), so yeah, takeaway is considerably cheaper here. We watched the fifth game of the Stanley Cup Final whilst eating and the Sharks absolutely smashed it, which means more ice hockey again on Sunday! I’m 99% sure that Abbie is writing in her diary right now about how she can’t stand my new obsession with ice hockey, which makes me love it a tiny bit more.
Abbie wants to watch the Guys Choice Awards this evening, so I’ going to Google that animal we saw the other day and try to work out what it was. Check back on Day 14 for an update.


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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