Day 17 – Friday 10th June 2016

The beautiful game is back…
Today I woke up early, excited, which I haven’t done in a whole two and a half weeks since we left London for Vancouver. Why? Its the opening day of Euro 2016, of course.
The first fixture, France v Romania, kicked off at midday here in Kelowna. I was about to start writing a match report but wont set a precedent because there’s going to be a lot more football watching over the next month or so. I will however highlight the fact that I am probably the funniest man in the world right now after calling my Dream Team ‘Very Lille Effort’ – genius right? If you don’t understand, please ask somebody to explain and then hang your head in shame. England play Russia tomorrow and I have called dibs on the TV again. Luckily for me, Marion really likes her sport (as I have mentioned a few times already, I know) and wants to watch with me. Abbie on the other hand still thinks that Wales have a famous winger by the name of Christian Bale.
For lunch we had Tim Hortons, for the second time since arriving in Kelowna. I went for the chicken wrap last time, which was alright, but this time I opted for the BBQ beef wrap, which was absolutely amazing. From there we headed to Walmart, which is exactly the same as Asda back home, but had a McDonalds inside.
Oh, one thing that I forgot to mention earlier in this post is that the rain woke me up a few times throughout the night. It was wet and miserable all day long, with highs of 18℃. I guess that’s karma for all of the gloating I’ve been doing about how hot it has been though!
This evening Marion cooked us dinner and we sat down to watch some coverage of the Queens 90th Birthday, which to be honest I wasn’t particularly interested in. The only bit that really caught my true attention was David Attenborough – I cant believe that he is 90 years of age.
Tomorrow we’re on for an early start again, but I’m not going to write about it just yet, so you’ll have to check back again to find out why.


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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