Day 18 – Saturday 11th June 2016

How do you like your eggs in the morning…
Right, before I get started, I want to try something a little different to usual – I want everybody who is reading this post to click here and comment to let me know what they would respond to the question ‘how would you like your eggs?’ if asked by a waitress when ordering breakfast. Once you’ve done so you can carry on.
The reason I ask, and the reason that we had an early start, is because we went to Denny’s for breakfast this morning. When asked the above question, Abbie (quite understandably) replied with ‘fried please’, before being stared at in a bit of a funny way by the young lady servings us. Apparently, the only two reasonable answers to this question in Canada are ‘sunny side up’ (with a runny yolk) or ‘over easy’ (flipped so that the yolk is cooked a little). I honestly don’t think that anybody I know will give an answer other than fried, scrambled, or poached, but it’d be good to know that we aren’t the only special ones! Oh and by the way, I can check web stats and see how many people have read this post, so if that number is considerably more that the amount of comments I get on Facebook, a few of us are going to need words.
Moving on anyway – England kicked off their Euro 2016 campaign against Russia today and after dominating for the majority of the game fluffed it in the closing seconds. Don’t worry though I am used to that kind of thing being a Tottenham supporter. Our next fixture is on Thursday against Wales, at 6AM local time, which obviously I will be getting up for.
It was miserable outside again today so we took the opportunity to plan more of our trip around America. We now have absolutely all of our travel arrangements in place, but I wont detail any more because that’ll only ruin the excitement of posts in a month or so. We are doing a hell of a lot though, and I cant wait to tell you all about it!
The only little secret that I will let you in on is that we only spent USD139 (that’s GBP95) each today, which will take us through probably ten or eleven states, and that excludes everything we had in place already.
We stayed in for dinner, and Abbie (being the queen of budgeting that she is) performed an absolute miracle. Armed with two bagels, some cheese, tomato puree, two sausages, some tortillas, half a cucumber and a stick or celery, she made mini-pizzas for us both. They might not sound that amazing, but trust me, they really were.
A good sign of things to come I guess, given that in three weeks or so we’ll be on our own without the comfort, food and hospitality that Marion currently has to offer. Ah well, I am well over the nervousness now, I cant wait to be quite honest!


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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  1. Awesome blog, great stories! Will definitely add your adventures to my daily “must-reads”, so keep’em coming! All the best wishes to you two for this trip!

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