Day 23 – Thursday 16th June

On the road again…
After about three weeks staying in Kelowna Abbie and I set off on another adventure today – we’re spending a long weekend in Banff.
Marion has a bad knee and can’t drive at the moment so let us take her car, which probably saved us about $100 on bus tickets (and that’s with the cost of fuel taken off)! The drive is too much to do in one day so we found a place to spend the night called Beaverfoot Lodge which is in Golden, about three quarters of the way. There was pretty bad traffic so what should’ve taken us four hours took considerably longer, and there’s a time difference of one hour, but after setting off at 11:15 we arrived at around 19:30.
It’s situated in the middle of nowhere, eight miles off of the highway, where you can hear nothing but running lake water in the distance. The scenery was out of this world. More beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen. Check this out:


We made friends and started a camp fire. There was six of us – Abbie and I, then three other girls and one other guy. The other guy taught me to be manly by chopping wood with an axe, as the girls got to know each other and cracked open a few beers. We had s’mores after that (a Canadian thing) and they are quite amazing. As far as I understand, the proper definition of a s’more is roasted marshmallows with chocolate in between two biscuits (or at least that’s what we had).
At around 23:00 we went to bed, in our wagon, which was really cold. Luckily we anticipated as much and layered up with jumpers and additional duvets.
Today was the first time since arriving at Marion’s that I felt really excited, and no doubt the sense of adventure is only going to increase from here. Bring it on I say!


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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