Day 28 – Tuesday 21st June 2016

There’s still a lot to learn…
Just as we’re starting to come to terms with the fact that we’re in Canada, have been for a month, and won’t be going home to England for about another year, we started to realise that becoming a travel expert overnight just doesn’t happen.
Today I had a real craving for Thai food, so in the early afternoon we headed Downtown to find a Thai restaurant. What’s funny is that we found ourselves caught out by something today that was very simple, but just not what were used to – parking. The signs in Kelowna read ‘Parking, Monday-Friday, 2hrs’ which at home means that you can park there for two hours between Monday and Friday without having to pay. We’ll come back to this bit later though!
What’s great about Kelowna is that there is free Wi-Fi almost everywhere providing you’re willing to give away your email address, which suits me, because I get enough junk mail already to be honest! Hopefully the same applies for the majority of our destinations while travelling.
We found a Thai restaurant and had a lovely lunchtime special of yellow chicken curry and prawn noodles (that’s two separate dishes, but we had half each). The food was very good and cheap too! Only $22 in total, which is about £15 in the UK. On the same road as the restaurant, Bernard Street, is the Spirit of Sail, a 40ft fibreglass sculpture on the waterfront, commonly recognised as a logo of Kelowna:


We finished our food and planned on wandering around for a while, but then saw another parking sign, different to the one which we parked next to. We soon realised that ‘Parking, Monday-Friday, 2hrs’ actually meant that if you park here between Monday and Friday, you can only stay for a maximum of two hours, and have to pay too. We rushed back to the car, about an hour after parking without paying, and there was no ticket. What a sigh of relief. We aborted all plans and drove off immediately, heading home instead of finding another parking space because we felt our luck might be running out.
The weather is getting nicer and we’re expecting it to hit over 30℃ again soon. Feeling lazy after an afternoon in the sun, we ordered Domino’s for supper (for the fourth time in four weeks). It was then that I realised there’s always opportunity to save money, which we’ve definitely missed up until now. Our order of two large pizzas and two portions of Parmesan bites came to a total of $44.50, but I thought I’d try my luck on the phone and ask for a discount. To my surprise, the guy on the phone replied with ‘yeah sure, I can make that $34.00 for you’ without any convincing. Are you serious? I could’ve done the same twice before and been $20 better off!
I think the point I’m trying to make is that although we didn’t actually do much today, we definitely learned a lot. The life of backpacking is very different to what we are used to, and although not everything is going to be the same as it is at home, we will definitely get there in the end. Thankfully we won’t have to do any more parking either because we won’t have a car, unless of course we hire one! That’ll be a whole new post if/when it happens I guess.


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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