Day 29 – Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Making the most of our time left in Canada…
So with just over a week left before we get back on the road again, we’ve been planning as much as possible for the remainder of our time in this beautiful country.
We have a few things planned for the next week or so that we are in Kelowna, but this morning Marion suggested visiting somewhere that we’d not heard of before – Hardy Falls. A short drive over the bridge, at the south end of Peachland on Deep Creek in the Regional District of Central Okanagan, this place is a true hidden gem! You have to park up nearby and walk through a park to get there, over eight bridges I think (I lost count after a while), which took us about twenty minutes. To be honest we probably could’ve done it in about five but the scenery was so fascinating that we took our time and it was well worth it:


We stayed for a while, before re-tracing our steps to the car, and leaving shortly after.
In typical Dan fashion I’ve lost my sunglasses already, which I specifically brought in advance of this trip for more than I’d usually spend on sunglasses because I wanted to look after them. Thankfully I’ve got a snapback with me (one of those hats that cool people wear, that I’ve never been seen in before because I’m not cool enough). I wore it both forwards and backwards throughout the day, as Abbie reminded me of how much it doesn’t suit me! She’ll get used to it.
On the way home we stopped at DQ – Dairy Queen. Abbie remembers having a hot fudge DQ last time she visited Kelowna so asked for the same thing this time around. They nearly got it right, but gave her cold fudge instead of hot fudge. Not a massive deal, but the best part about the mistake was when Abbie pointed it out, and the guy behind the counter reminded us that it’s the same thing as hot fudge but cold. Thanks man, we’re not that stupid!
We got home, had supper and watched some TV together before heading to bed pretty early. We’ve got nothing to get up for tomorrow so hopefully a lay in is on the cards! We need to make the most of the relaxation time we have available here before were start travelling properly and miss the opportunity.


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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