Day 30 – Thursday 23rd June 2016

Okay so I know this is a travel blog and it’s a little irrelevant but I seriously can’t believe what I’m watching right now – after only 330/382 declared we’ve already officially voted to leave the EU. Well isn’t that just great (yes I’m being sarcastic), my pound isn’t going to get me even nearly as far on the other side of the world now, we’ve just hit a 31-year low.
Anyway moving on from that, Abbie and I took a trip to the mall earlier to pick up a few bits. I brought a cheap pair of sunglasses for $4 because I lost mine at some point over the last few days, and Abbie grabbed herself a few vests in the sale for $2 each. I’m not sure whether or not she needed them but for that cheap why not I guess.
We planned on doing taking a hike up Knox Moutain after that but as we left the mall it started raining, so we went home instead. Left pretty stuck for things to do we spent the majority of the afternoon indoors, because there was a storm on its way. That said, even the bad weather happens to look appealing over here:


In the evening we headed back up to Tower Ranch for out first date night since we started travelling (although I guess this is like a year long date in reality). The food there is amazing and with a flat rate all you can eat buffet on offer we couldn’t really say no. To top it off there was live music for a few hours, complimentary wine tasting, and discounted drinks too. Not a bad night – we had good food, live music and cheap drinks, but still managed to be home by 21:00. I don’t know if we’ll get another chance to visit Tower Ranch so took a picture earlier. Although the weather isn’t great, you can see Downtown Kelowna in the distance. Amazing, right:


We’re in bed now, earlier than usual, listening to the rain pour with occasional thunder. I almost forgot about this kind of weather, but it’s only taken a month to catch up on us.


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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