Day 33 – Sunday 26th June 2016

Plan on hiking, end up eating…
Today we intended on going hiking again, but that kind of failed.
Our initial plan to take on Paul’s Tomb, a 3km round trip hike on Knox Mountain, was cut short when we decided to leave that for another day when it’s not so hot (if we get the chance). It was 32℃ today and seemed even hotter half way up the mountain. For that reason, we opted for a leisurely walk from Waterfront Park to City Park, along the lake via the Marina.
The route we took was entirely flat, with a cool breeze from the lake which made the temperature a little more bearable. From our starting point, the Kelowna Dolphin Fountain, we walked as far as the Okanagan Lake Bridge, which is roughly 2km. We then took the same route back, this time with a (not so) quick stop at Earl’s, a sweet bar/restaurant right in the heart of Downtown Kelowna.
For budgeting reasons we haven’t really treated ourselves much since arriving in Kelowna, but on a day like today in a bar like Earl’s, Abbie came up with a pretty fantastic idea. To drink, a large Mojito pitcher. To eat, no starters, no mains, no sides, but one italian vanilla and chocolate gelato sundae with custom poured hot toffee and spiced candied pecans, and one peanut butter skillet cookie with chocolate chips and vanilla bean gelato. She’s a genius isn’t she?
We stayed at Earl’s for well over an hour, before walking back to the car and heading home. Even by 18:00 there was still barely any clouds in the sky:


My face is pretty red, regardless of the fact that I’m still using the same factor fifty sun cream that I started with, and my hair is getting pretty long too, so I’ve decided I’m going to grow it again. Only until the end of our trip, because when we get home I’ve got my brothers 21st birthday and best mates wedding to look smart for, but it’ll be funnier to see a before/after travelling photo this way!


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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