Day 35 – Tuesday 28th June 2016

This hiking business really doesn’t get boring…
After two days of hiking as amateurs, today we let a veteran show us how it’s really done. Marions friends Val and George live on the other side of the lake, and George tries to go hiking at least once a week, with regular cycling trips in between. At this point I may as well throw in the fact that he is over eighty years of age.
We agreed to take a trip with him, for which he made an itinerary, planned a route, and advised that we bring snacks like nuts, raisins and granola bars for energy, along with loads of water. We set off around 2pm and immediately joined the Glen Canyon Green Way, a 2.2km trail described as moderately difficult with rustic raised wooden paths, bridges and loads of stairs. It was very hot but thankfully the majority of the route was in the shade amongst trees. I still had to dip my hat in the water a few times to cool off though.
As we reached the end of the trail and joined civilisation again, instead of taking the easy route back we went via Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park – 4 hectacres of working heritage farm where nut harvests take place every year from late September to early November. From there walked as far as West Kelowna Yacht club where we took our frist (and only) stop of the day.
We’d been gone for over two hours by this point and all three of us were hot and sweaty, so took our shoes off and dipped our feet in the lake to cool down a little. I thought it might be a good idea to take off the backpack I’d been wearing the whole time too, which revealed the mother of all sweat patches on my back. Seriously grim, but worth posing for a photograph:


After ten minutes or so we carried on along the lake as far as Gellatly Bay Aquatic Farm, what I can only describe as a home made water park with all sorts like diving boards and zip lines, where George had parked his car earlier in anticipation of our arrival:


From there we drove to Mission Hill Winery, not to taste the wine this time, but because it is on high ground and gave us the opportunity to look back on what we’d just conquered:


I can’t tell you exactly where we started/finished, but it was a long way, take my word.
We headed back to Val and Georges place where supper was waiting for us, and Barbara, an ex-colleague or Val and Marion, joined us for food. We sat on the balcony to eat which was nice and cool but didn’t all fit in the same photo, so here’s one of everybody but me:image

We won’t be seeing Val and George again before we leave so said our first proper goodbyes of the trip which was a little sad but very exciting at the same time! Here to only having four days left in Canada.


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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