Day 36 – Wednesday 29th June 2016

Less hiking, more biking…
Today we visited Myra Canyon Park, ranked #1 of 121 things to do in Kelowna. The trail is 22km long and follows a section of the historical Kettle Valley Railway, over eighteen trestles and through two tunnels, offering amazing views of the canyon and beyond.
We hired bicycles to take on the trail because a sit down work out seemed a little more appealing to us both, given the amount of hiking we have done in the past few days. The bikes weren’t amazing, but weren’t too shabby either:

Completed in 1914, the trestles make up what have been described as the most difficult railway conditions ever. I didn’t know what the big fuss was all about until we reached the first trestle, and then it all started to make sense. Each of these huge wooden structures piece together gaps in the canyon at an elevation of 4100ft – thats 3000ft above Kelowna:

The bike ride itself didn’t feel anything close to the 22km that it was, mostly because it’s a little more windy in the mountains, so although the sun was out we stayed pretty cool in the breeze. That said, we took near on four hours because of how much time we spent taking everything in. Our new selfie stick got it’s first outing and although we haven’t perfected the art of posing for photographs just yet we managed to get a few decent videos. I haven’t worked out how to upload them in full yet but for now here’s a preview from my YouTube channel.

None of the photos or videos that we have truly show how high up you are, except this next one. I’m not the biggest fan of heights to be honest, but when you’re on the trip of a lifetime you kind of have to embrace this kind of thing, so much so that I thought I’d pose with my legs dangling over the edge of the canyon:

Yes, it was definitely as scary as it looks!
We returned home after a long day out and had a power nap before taking Marion for dinner late in the afternoon. We only have two days left here in Kelowna and have plans for both of them so took this as our last opportunity to have a meal together, just the three of us. I can’t believe it’s nearly time to say goodbye already, but I guess we’ll leave the emotional post for a few days time once we’re out of here! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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5 Responses to Day 36 – Wednesday 29th June 2016

  1. The Video is awesome, you really get a sense for the height of the structure. Great story!

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  2. emandwillowtakecanada says:

    Hi Dan! Thank you for your blog. We are moving to Vancouver in Janaury 2017 (6 months!) from England and I’m super excited. Willow lived there for a year already. And me? Never been. I know how amazing it is, but thank you for your pictures and posts about it as you can be my eyes! Please follow us if you’d like? Its prob not that exciting for you right now but it will be once we get there! 😀 Did you do any posts on Vancouver it self? I was looking but coldn’t see it. em xxxx


    • Hey! We only stayed in Vancouver overnight on the day we arrived in Canada and didn’t do anything but sleep because of the time difference/jet lag. We are returning on Saturday so if you have any suggestions of things to do please let us know. I’ll upload as much as I can cram in to the two days that were there before we set off to the States. Cheers!

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      • emandwillowtakecanada says:

        Hey Dan! Sorry for the delayed reply, been busy the past few days. I haven’t been to Vancouver, Willow has though! He runs on about the markets, and Stanley Park mostly. For me, I’m excited to experience all the food! The food is hit and miss a lot in London.
        We want to live in Kitsilano which has lots of cool bars and is considered trendy I think?! If you go there let me know! I follow this amazing sushi place there called Green Lead Sushi but I think there are lots of amazing sushi places? I don’t know! Hope to see your post soon if you experience some cool stuff and keep me in the loop! xxx


  3. Ah what a shame, your recommendation is about a day late, we left Vancouver for Seattle yesterday! Vancouver is amazing though, you’ll love it…


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