Day 41 – Monday 4th July 2016

Happy Fourth…
Having only arrived yesterday, thanks to our amazing planning skills, our second day here in the States happens to be Independence Day – Happy Fourth everyone!
Our Airbnb hosts are lovely and after a great nights sleep we woke up to coffee and cinnamon buns which was a great touch. Thats one way to get yourself a good review I guess.
We set off at around 11am towards the bus station that we arrived at yesterday because we knew it was pretty central. From there, we had no set plan, which was nice. Like I’ve said before – I do quite enjoy getting a little lost on purpose.  
Our first stop was the Public Market Center, which we found by complete accident:

It was super busy but reminded me quite a lot of home, which came as a pleasant surprise. They had a bit of everything from food to flowers, and we spent a good while wandering before it got too packed for our liking.
Abbie and I knew that Seattle was where the first ever Starbucks opened but didn’t expect to leave the market for it to be right outside, but that’s what happened:

The queue was as long at the road we stood on though so instead of waiting in line we went to a privately owned coffee shop opposite (which was probably a lot cheaper too)! We connected to their free Wi-Fi and found directions to the Space Needle, probably Seattle’s most recognizable landmark. 
On the way there we stopped at Pier 50 which offered an awesome view of the Seattle Great Wheel, CenturyLink Field (home to Seattle Seahawks) and Safeco Field (home to the Seattle Mariners):

We had lunch on the pier and then carried on to Broad Street to take a few cliche tourist photos of the Space Needle itself:

After picking up more free Wi-Fi (which we are getting really good at now) we found ourselves a bus to Gas Works Park where a festival was being held in advance of the celebratory fireworks. It took about 40 minutes but gave us the opportunity to see more of the city, most of which was closed for the day. 
The closest bus stop to Gas Works Park is about fifteen minutes away so we stopped for food after figuring that the prices at the festival would be sky high. Seeing as though Seattle is famous for its seafood, I had the seafood platter, which included a fish fillet (don’t ask which fish though), battered prawns and battered oysters:

I’m not usually one for seafood but really enjoyed it! Don’t knock it until you try it, right? 
By the time we’d finished eating it was around 19:00 so we headed straight to the park. People had clearly arrived much earlier in the day because hundreds of camping chairs, tents and gazebos covered the main viewpoint area. We went to the stage area, where Seattle’s own indie pop band Hey Marseilles played the headline slot between 19:30 – 21:00. Their music was good but it all seemed a bit similar, which I guess you can say about most bands who you’ve never listened to before. They pulled a pretty decent crowd though and had loads of people singing along to their songs:

After sitting for an hour or so we made a joint decision not to stay at the park for the fireworks and instead found a different view point much closer to where we are staying. On the way we crossed paths with the Seattle Seafair Pirates. Yeah, actual pirates. Check this out:

One of them flicked a coin at Abbie, for her to keep. We aren’t sure what it means when a pirate flicks a coin at you but we’ve it has their logo on it and everything so we have decided that it means she’s an official pirate now too.
The view of the fireworks from further away was just as good as it would have been from the park, or at least we think so. They were great; definitely on par with Canada Day last week I’d say:

We took a taxi to our home for the night and had hotdogs and popsicle’s with our hosts (yeah, they hit us again with the food bribery) before retreating to bed around 01:00, knowing that we have got to be up at 04:00 in the morning for an airport run!


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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