Days 49 & 50 – Tuesday 12th & Wednesday 13th July 2016

Saying goodbye to our Jucy campervan, but hello to Hollywood…
We’ve done the math and think that in total we spent about thirty hours on the road in the last six days, racking up well over a thousand miles, but all good things come to an end.

Day 49 – Tuesday 12th July 2016
The van was due to be returned to the Jucy depot in Los Angeles by 11:00 and the drive was due to take well over a couple of hours, so woke up just before 07:00 and packed our things, then hit the road for the last leg of our California road trip. 
Having been warned of L.A. traffic we made sure that we left as much time as possible, but still only arrived with five minutes to spare. We weren’t late though, and that’s the main thing. From the Jucy depot we took an Uber to our next destination, another Airbnb, just one block away from Hollywood Boulevard. 
We didnt know much about our host Alex before we arrived but once we’d settled in he let us know a little more about himself. Turns out that he is one of the best freerunners from his home country (Ukraine), reached the final of Ukraine’s Got Talent, and moved to L.A. as part of a pretty famous circus (the one that the movie Water For Elephants is based on). Pretty cool ey? 
We dropped off our things at his place and headed straight for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where I spent all of my time looking for either The Rock or John Cena, only to find out that neither of them actually have stars yet and I was just wasting my time. 
After a long time wandering pretty aimlessly we retreated back to Alex’s apartment for no reason other than the fact that on the roof there’s a swimming pool: 

Not just any pool though, a pool from which you have a 360° view which includes the Hollywood sign, Paramount Pictures and Downtown Los Angeles:

I had no idea about the pool before we arrived becuase Abbie is queen of arranging our accommodation, but she definitely found a winner with this one! The sun set around 20:00 and we planned on having an early night but Alex had a friend over and they didnt do particularly well at keeping the noise levels down. I guess thats what we get for staying in a guys living room though?

Day 50 – Wednesday 13th July 2016
Not only did Alex and his friend make loads of noise, but his pillows werent the best either, so we didn’t really get a good nights sleep at all. Even still, we woke up in Hollywood, so didnt mind too much.
We considered a few things like bus tours and museum visits, but in the end opted for the cheap and easy option, a trip to the beach! After a quick look on Google we found that Venice Beach was the cheapest place for us to get to, just $1.75 each in fact, and not too far away either. 
We had to take two buses to get there but arrived just in time for lunch. We stopped for food in the early afternoon and then walked for about three miles from Venice Beach as far as Santa Monica Beach, where we finally layed down for a bit:

 The sand was almost white and the waves were absolutely huge – not even comparable to what I’ve seen before in the likes of Greece or Lanzarote. I guess at that point I finally realised what all of the California hype is about. 
Again we headed back to the pool, probably the biggest selling point of Alex’s place, and watched the sun go down over the hills:

Our second and last night wasn’t much better than the first to be honest, because Alex had a few of his circus friends over for drinks. They did give us a few beers each but didn’t leave until around 02:00 which was a bit of a nightmare. We’re moving on again tomorrow though so no huge complaints, besides Alex was a great guy, just maybe not the most considerate. 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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  1. I love LA and really enjoyed reading about your experience! Quite jealous of the 360 view you had from the pool.


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