Days 51, 52 & 53 – Thursday 14th, Friday 15th & Saturday 16th July 2016

This travelling business is so unbelievably tiring…
Then again, who are we to complain? We haven’t worked for seven weeks and we’re in California. Even still, this is shattering. 

Day 51 – Thursday 14th July 2016
After another pretty sleepless night of Alex’s partying until the early hours – we had to be up and out of his place by 11:00. We packed our bags and headed for the Metro which we took all the way to Long Beach. 
We arrived at around 13:00 but couldn’t check into our next Airbnb until 15:00 so had two hours to kill. Hungry, having not eaten yet, where better to kill time than at Subway? When we started this trip I promised myself to limit the amount of fast food that I can always have back at home, but when it’s so cheap it doesn’t hurt once in a while. Even after sitting, eating, and wasting as much time as possible it was still only 14:00, so instead of taking the bus we decided to walk. Alright we had our backpacks on so it wasn’t fun in the slightest, but it saved us a few dollars and meant that we arrived bang on time. 
Our hosts, Melanie and Teddy, are probably the most laid back people we’ve ever encountered. They have two dogs, Buddha and Teddy, and a cat, Mishu. I can only guess that Teddy (the host) named Teddy (the dog) after himself. Surely it wasn’t a coincidence but I didn’t want to ask! 
After they showed us to our room we crashed for the majority of the day to catch up on sleep which was lost at Alex’s place, until it was time for food again. We asked for a reccommendation as to where we could eat and both Melanie and Teddy suggested that we head over to Pike, a restaurant not so far away and owned by one of the former members of American punk rock band Social Distortion. The entire place was covered in music memorabilia – placemats, towels, flags, posters, old vinyls, t-shirts, we’re taking everything you can think of, on every wall and even the ceiling. They pride themselves on having live music every night too, but drinks were a little on the expensive side so we decided to leave after food. Oh and I tried to take a photograph of Abbie with her cocktail but she hid behind it:

We went straight to bed when we got back to the apartment; our body clocks still a bit buggered by Alex’s late night antics yesterday.

Day 52 – Friday 15th July 2016
For what felt like the first time in forever we woke up natually this morning. Melanie and Teddy have two other guests staying with them for the same dates as us, a couple from South Korea, who never actually introduced themselves by name because their English wasnt great. We shared a bathroom with them and they got to the shower first, but that gave us time to make banana pancakes for breakfast, which Buddha and Teddy joined us for:

After eating, being in Long Beach, we decided to actually head to Long Beach, to see just how long it really is. Melanie and Teddy let us take their bicycles, which were both old and rusty, but better than nothing. We didnt check the map but instead took off in the direction that we thought was correct, which was of course wrong. The scenic route, as I call it. 
By the time we actually got to the beach Abbie was complaining that her bike was really hard to use, so we swapped. Although I initially thought that she was just moaning, after swapping I too noticed that one of the bikes was in fact absoluetly awful. I’m a nice guy though so I took one for the team and carried on with the naff one for the rest of the afternoon. 
Long Beach was pretty long, but we didn’t cycle the lot as we had a bottle of sangria and two plastic cups with us which took priority after a while in the sun. We found a spot in the shade and sat for a few drinks each before making our way back, which was much easier with a little alcohol in our systems.
We made our own dinner to save money, a quick and easy spaghetti bolognese, with more sangria because we brought another bottle on the way home. After food we watched a movie in bed and then Abbie fell asleep while I stayed up to download and finally play Pokemon GO, which has only just become available to UK network users in the States. I’ve told Abbie that I won’t let it take over our trip but can’t guarantee anything!

Day 53 – Saturday 16th July 2016
Right there’s no need to bore you all with waking up and eating breakfast today because so much happened in the afternoon/evening. Just after midday we set off in the direction of Costa Mesa where Abbie’s friend Carl moved to from London about six months ago. 
We met Carl and his wife Kylie at the OC Fair, a 23-day fair held every summer in Costa Mesa, where they were already in a bar drinking, of course.
Once we’d found them we had a few beers too, before leaving to check out farm animals and stupidly overpriced fairground rides. From there we left the OC Fair because the cost of everything was eating into our cash too fast, but went to a bar instead just as happy hour started.
I dont know how much everybody else had to drink but for Abbie and I it was something along the lines of 2 large pitchers of lager, a vodka shot and 2 tequila shots, all in the space of about an hour. That’s each. 
From the bar we went back to the house of one of Carl/Kylie’s friends, by which time it was very apparent that vodka is Abbie’s kryptonite (as she always says) and I’d done pretty well at catching up in the drunken mess competition. So with that in mind we had some more drinks and then went to a nightclub.
In all honesty I have hardly any recollection of anything from then on. I was initially annoyed at myself for getting so drunk so fast but then I realised that it’s the first time I’ve had a proper drink in about two months, so it’s kind of excusable. That along with the fact that they call me Three Can Dan back home because im a featherweight when it comes to drinking.
The morning after was never going to be a good one, but I’ll include that bit in tomorrow’s post. 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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