Day 54 – Sunday 17th July 2016

I seriously hate hangovers…
A typical hangover for me is quite simple – just a headache and very occasional sickness. This morning though, I had the best of both worlds! I couldn’t physically look at any light before about 11:00 and when I finally did I had to bolt to the bathroom and almost immediately threw up. A feeling that I definitely haven’t missed at all. 
After I’d been sick a few times, taken a couple of headache tablets, forced down some water and treated myself to a freezing cold shower, it was time to tackle some porridge. I couldn’t hack it in the slightest so had a banana instead and retreated back to bed until probably around 16:00. Even when I woke up again I still felt rough, but knew that I had to get sorted because it’s our check-out day. Thankfully Melanie and Teddy were nice enough to let us hang out at their place later than the usual check out time of 11:00. I think if I had to be out that early I’d have paid them for another night because I simply couldn’t function properly. 
It’s funny because packing my backpack has never once been easy, and I don’t know if it’s just me or if others do the same too, but I always end up wondering how on earth I fit everything in the last time I packed! It took a good hour, at least, but by early evening we set off on our way. 
We took an Uber to the local In and Out Burger, a fast food chain that’s only found in California. It’s very similar to Five Guys but just as good for half the price. Oh the Uber was a Dodge Charger too, no big deal! After our food we took another Uber to Union Station, where we jumped aboard the 22:00 422 Texas Eagle. I’ll give a hypothetical gold star to anybody who can guess our next destination, and a bonus point to anybody who can guess how long it’s going to take us to get there! 


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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