Day 56 – Tuesday 19th July

A bad start but an amazing day…
At about 05:00 we were rudely awoken by the guy next to us having a breakdown because the lady next to him returned to her seat and woke him up. He took his frustration out on the chair in front of him, punching it repeatedly which obviously didn’t impress the person who was sleeping on it. He also tossed his bag across the aisle and left it right in the way of anybody who wanted to get past. Literally half of the carriage woke up thanks to him being so selfish and acting like a baby. 
Shortly after that we stopped for some maintenance work in San Antonio, which of course meant delays. Not too bad though, only about fourty minutes. At one point the carriage in front of us drove off and left us behind, which was pretty comical, before reversing back into us, which was hilarious! 
We got off and collected out bags in Austin at around 10:00, then took a taxi straight to our hostel, where we couldn’t check in for another six hours. Still, the train looked incredible as it carried on towards Chicago: 

After dropping off our bags we went to wander around and I can honestly say that I almost immediately fell in love with this place.
We went out to find lunch but didn’t get far before coming to terms with the fact that it’s stupidly hot here and retreating for air conditioning in a sweet little sandwich shop early in the afternoon. With a lunchtime special of either a sandwich or panini, chips and a drink, all for $6, we couldn’t say no. 
By the time we’d eaten and left it was something ridiculous like 37℃ and peaked at 61% humidity so the Google RealFeel (which we only discovered yesterday actually) was 46℃. Unbearable. 
We walked to Trader Joe’s grocery store and picked up some bits to do us for lunch and dinner for the next couple of days, and then returned to our hostel to check in. The guy on reception was nice enough to upgrade us from a standard four person room to a deluxe eight person room at no additional cost, which sounds great but basically meant that we had good air conditioning instead of just a fan, but twice as many people sharing the room with us. Our first ever upgrade though! 
We probably walked for about two miles in total but it was enough to take everything out of us for the afternoon. We showered and then hit the sack until dinner time. 
After eating we headed to 6th Street, or Dirty 6th to the locals, to get a taste of the world famous live music scene:

The first bar we stopped at had no music, but very cheap drinks, and giant Jenga:

Shortly after the picture was taken I got scared and didn’t want to take any more pieces out, so Abbie got over confident and took about five pieces before the tower collapsed and knocked her gin all over her. It was pretty comical, and the guy behind the bar gave her a free drink because he watched it happen.
From there we found a few bars with music, and based our judgement on drink prices which meant a good variety. It was a shame because most places seemed quiet, but it was only about 22:30 and that’s early for Austin:

Our last stop of the night was Voodoo Doughnut, where we got a doughnut each not only because they looked amazing, but because we remembered the place from TV (Man vs Food):

From there, back to the dorm, where we found ourselves the first of eight tucked into bed. Such party animals! 


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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