Day 58 – Thursday 21st July 2016

Our first Megabus abroad (and our second)…
We had to be up early again this morning (which is becoming a bit of a recurring theme for us) to pack and leave for the bus station. It was quite a struggle getting everything together and leaving quietly without turning the light on in our dorm and having to whisper because three blokes from Australia who got in late were still sleeping, but we managed, just about.
As we rushed downstairs I checked my emails and had a reply from B-Cycles who reduced all of the costs that we racked up yesterday by 50% which was great news! We still spent $17 each but it was better than a $70 total. 
We checked out a few minutes late but the guy on reception was decent not to charge us, and even helped us find a taxi to the station. We hit traffic and had to take a diversion which left me in a real state of panic, and meant that we arrived five minutes later than expected. Thankfully the bus hadn’t left by the time we arrived so we made it, but only by the skin of our teeth.  
Back in Canada when we arranged our USA travels we found that a direct bus to New Orleans from Austin was actually more expensive than stopping off in Houston, albeit the more time consuming option. We done so with the intention of seeing a bit of Houston as a bonus, but soon found out just why the bus was so cheap. It turns out the the bus station that we found ourselves destined for was one of two in Houston, and not what you’d consider the ‘main’ one. In fact, to be really blunt about it, we went to a massive shopping mall.
As the bus pulled up outside we looked at each other with blank faces, but as we walked into the mall everything changed. This wasn’t just your average place to go shopping, it had everything! We’re talking all of the basics like shops, a food court and cinema, but then the extras, like a games arcade, two small roller coasters, segway tours, and a water park right outside! Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to pass ten hours afterall. 
Our first stop was the information desk, where we asked for a place to put our bags. The lady on duty was really helpful and took everything from us and looked after it for the day. She definitely wasn’t allowed to, but done so because she knew it was that or send us on our way with no other option. 
From there we stopped for lunch, after walking around the food court and taking as many free tasters as possible. We opted for Italian in the end, because of the quantity/cost ratio more than anything else. For just $20 we got a bowl of spaghetti bolognese, a freshly prepared salad and a large pepperoni pizza. There was so much food that we asked for takeaway boxes and kept hold of some for later. 
After that, probably the most boring part of the day, looking around shops with no intention of making a purchase. I spent the majority of time working out how much more or less expensive things were compared to what they’d cost in London, and although not always by much, it’s definitely cheaper here than it is at home. 
At around 18:00 we’d done just about everything that didn’t cost anything, and sat down with four hours to pass. We didn’t want pay for much because it would’ve just been unnecessary spending but then on my way to fill up our water bottles I found $20 on the floor. What a result! Instead of considering it as gained money, I thought of it as a free lunch. We had $20 that we didn’t have earlier so why not spend it, right? We booked two tickets to the 20:00 screening of ‘Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates’ and even treated ourselves to a frozen yoghurt (that’s fro-yo out here) each. Essentially, we managed to pass the time, eat some dessert and have a right laugh, all for free. Thank you very much, unlucky person who lost $20!
As the movie ended we picked up our bags and walked to the bus stop again, to catch our second bus, this time overnight to New Orleans. Our seats, 5 & 6, were in the second row of the top deck, with hardly any leg room, and no space for our bags either. I guess that’s why it cost next to nothing though! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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