Days 60 & 61 – Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th July 2016

It’s funny, I never expected travelling to include so much travelling… 
I guess the image built up in my head before we left the UK head was very idyllic, that of golden beaches, world famous landmarks, exciting cities and astonishing views. Not sitting on our fourth Megabus in four days. 

Saturday 23rd July 2016
For the first time in forever, we actually had a really decent lay in this morning, and didn’t get out of bed until around 10:15. We were meant to be check out of the Airbnb by 11:00 but because of Abbie’s accident yesterday our host let us check out later than usual, which was a right touch. They also let us leave our bags at their place all day, and take out their bikes, as a way to apologise for us having to miss out on a day yesterday, even though is wasn’t their fault in the slightest. I guess they’re just in it for the five star rating though! Abbie, being the absolute trooper that she is, was up and out as if nothing happened: 
We set off in the direction of the Mississippi River, which took quite a while to get to, in excessive heat, again. On the way we accidentally came across a French market, which was too busy to take photographs inside, but looked nice from the outside too:
From there walked our bikes through Jackson Square because you’re not allowed to ride bicycles as it makes the park look ‘less beautiful’:
Immediately across the road from the Square was the river:
Both of us looked beautiful and sweaty upon arrival, and although there was a breeze which made it cooler, it just wasn’t good enough. We cycled past a water fountain and Abbie joked ‘I’m so tempted to just cycle through it’ so in a spontaneous moment of madness I just went for it. I didn’t think I’d get too wet if I went fast, but I was completely wrong and ended up drenched! 
Abbie left me in the sun and went inside to find some water for us both, but managed her way accidentally past security and into the aquarium, which people were queueing up and paying loads of money for: 
After waiting a while and hearing of Abbie’s adventures we stopped in the mall so that I could dry myself off in the washroom and we could eat. For lunch we had Chinese food, because it was the most that we could get for our money, and then we carried on with our expedition of free things to do. 
Of several museums close to us, The Children’s Museum was the closest. We cycled there only to be disappointingly told that entry cost $8 each. We went to walk out but ended up walking the wrong way back through the exit into the museum without paying for entry, but made the most of it once inside. It was literally a museum for children, but quite cool. There was a kitchen area where kids could make their parents food, and a mall area where parents could shop and let their children operate the checkouts. We enjoyed it anyway, but hey, we are big kids after all.
As it closed at 17:00 we cycled to Louis Armstrong Park, via Bourbon Street, both of which we’d been recommended to visit. Bourbon street was manic, full of street performers and all round drunken people. In New Orleans there’s basically no drinking laws which means that you can drink wherever you want and whenever you want. The bars were all no doubt full of people who had been going since early hours, if not even last night, but some of the shows were spectacular: 

Louis Armstrong Park was lovely and peaceful, where we found a spot to sit in the shade and cool down before heading back to pick up our bags: 
Once we freshened up and left the house, it was a couple of local buses back to the Megabus station and on board the 22:00 from New Orleans to Atlanta. Another night where accommodation isn’t necessary because the bus will be sufficient! 

Sunday 24th July 2016
We woke up on the bus as the driver announced our arrival at Atlanta, which we are treating as we did Houston, just a stop over to get ourselves a cheaper bus ticket. This time not for as long though, just two hours actually. 
We arrived at 08:00 and checked online for the closest McDonald’s, after assuming that everywhere else would be closed so early on a Sunday morning. We had to walk for a mile to get there with all of our bags and belongings, which was horrible and sweaty given that we were still wearing pyjama bottoms from the night before. There was nowhere to change into shorts though and the bus can get pretty cold with the air conditioning turned up to the max at all times.
The walk took thirty five minutes, so we had to assume that the walk back would take the same amount of time, which left us with fifty minutes to order and eat before making our way back. That would’ve been fine had it not taken about twenty minutes to order and then another ten for our food to be prepared, accompanied with the fact that we had to be at the station fifteen minutes prior to departure. This left us with just fifteen minutes to eat, pack up, and leave.
The rush was worth it, because we wouldn’t have been able to get by on an empty stomach until our next stop had we decided not to find food when we did. Our next stop wasn’t until 16:00 by which time we weren’t particularly hungry but had food anyway just case there wasn’t another stop for a while, if at all. We stocked up on nuts and crisps just in case, and carried on our way. 
There was one other stop around 21:30 before we carried on all the way to Washington D.C. and arrived at 01:00. As we pulled up a lightning storm lit up the sky like I’ve never seen before in my life, but the rain had already passed, which meant that we didn’t get wet but still got to watch the storm. We checked in to our hostel and hit the sack straight away after nearly 24 hours on the road, again. 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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