Day 63 – Tuesday 26th July 2016

A day out in Philly…
We planned on getting up nice and early and heading out before it started to get really hot but after a long and tiring day yesterday we ended up laying in a little more than expected. We also ran out of suitable breakfast so ended up eating hot fudge sundae flavoured pop tarts before going out. 
We didn’t know where to go or how to get there so we waited at a local bus stop and asked the driver to drop us off in the heart of the Philadelphia action. He told us to jump out near the City Hall as it was pretty central to everything and meant that nothing was more than a walk away:
We stopped and found a map, then picked a few things that we definitely wanted to do, and let the rest of the story write itself. We chose our first stop partly because it was the furthest away and meant that we could do everything else on the way back, but mainly because it’s another one of those ‘yeah, I’ve done that’ type of things. We walked towards Logan Circle & Square and then took the Benjamin Franklin Parkway as far as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, best know as the Rocky Steps, where we had a pose with the statue too:

We did comtemplate running up the steps but thought we’d avoid getting too sweaty and walk them instead. We counted our way up and after climbing all 72 of the steps there was a definite sense of achievement, although I must be honest and say that their portrayal in the movie is slightly exaggerted. I mean, it wasnt that hard! 
At the top we managed to blag our way into the Philadelphia Museum of Art by asking for the restroom, but didnt hang around for too long. From there we walked to the Free Libarary of Philadelphia and found our way to the ‘rare books’ section, which felt a bit like we snuck into the Forbidden Corridor at Hogwarts. 
It was probably around 14:00 by the time we left the library, so time for lunch. Having been told by a few people that we 100% absolutely had to try a Philly cheese steak, we did exactly that. It’s basically a baguette with steak and cheese and onion but although it sounds just like an over the top roast beef sandwich it’s much better:
After eating we walked (very slowly, in food coma mode) to our last stop of the day, the Liberty Bell – probably the most iconic symbol of American independence:
We took a bus back home for the night after that and stayed up watching TV in our room for a while. It’s surprising how you start to miss the simple things like Family Guy when you don’t have a TV to watch every evening. 
We set our alarms for 08:00 because we have our final US Megabus to catch tomorrow, to our final US destination. Things left on our to-do list include eat a supersize McDonalds, buy pizza by the slice, eat Chinese food out of a cardboard box, try New York cheesecake (you’ll never guess where we are heading to), and get a fresh bagel. Dont we just sound like the healthiest young couple that you know? 


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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6 Responses to Day 63 – Tuesday 26th July 2016

  1. Way to go 💪🍟🏅😀! Want a tip for NYC too 😝?


    • Yes, definitely – we have three days here so please let us know! On another note, where have you NOT been haha?


      • Well, do a boat tour completely around Manhattan Island with the Circle Line (leaves near the Intrepid Museum in the Hudson side). Its a super relaxing 4hour ride where you get to see everything incl. Bronx and Harlem from the water side. And if you want to see NYC from up top (it is a “must see” go up Rockefeller Center. It is not als iconic as Empire State Building but less full and expensive and the view is much better! Never been to Japan and Ozzieland/Kiwiland, apart from that….😎✈️


      • Thanks for the tips… We’ll see what we can do!

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  2. Dee Gilbert says:

    Head to NYC’s Chinatown! Have some baked pork buns for $1.25 at Mei Li Wah in Bayard St. They’re cheap, delicious, and filling!

    Liked by 1 person

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