Days 64 & 65 – Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th July 2016

The final stop on our American tour…
Thats right, our time in America is very nearly over, but where better to spend the last few days than Ney York City?

Wednesday 27th July 2016 
For one last time we got up out of bed and headed to the Megabus station. You’d have thought that we’d be sick of it after taking six buses in seven days but to be honest they aren’t too bad at all. The two hour journey seemed like nothing, I think mainly out of excitement and anticipation. We’re heading to new York City after all! 
The bus didn’t arrive in NYC until around 13:00 and we hadn’t eaten beforehand so we made our first stop a pretty shameful one – McDonald’s. I guess that’s not so shameful in itself but the fact that we went only for the fact that we wanted a super-sized meal from a NYC McDonald’s is a bit bad. We went for it though, and smashed it of course. In fact, I didn’t even think that it was particularly super-sized:

From there we walked two blocks to catch the subway in the direction of Bushwick, where we are staying for four whole nights. That’s right, four nights! Which means that we can take our time, relax, be lazy, and do just about whatever else we want to do without rushing. We’re staying in the spare room of a second floor apartment, less than a block away from the local park, several bars and restaurants, and the grocery store. 
After dropping our bags, working out how much money we have left budgeted for America and therefore how much we have to spend over the next few days, we went for a few beers. It was a bit pricey, but we haven’t really been out for a drink since Los Angeles, so no harm done. On the way back we brought chips, salsa and cheese, then made nachos before watching a movie and going to bed. We probably had time to go out exploring, but can always do that another day, so taking it easy was quite alright for once. 

Thursday 28th July 2016 
Carrying on from the laziness theme that was touched upon yesterday, we didnt get up until probably 10:00 this morning, before heading to the store, picking up a few bits, making breakfast and then packing a bag for the day. By the time we headed out it was around midday, but we had a plan (sort of). For Christmas Abbie brought me a scratch map of the city, with thirty landmarks on it
With three full days here in NYC, we aimed for about ten a day, with additional stops on the way, to ensure we made the most of our last stop in America. 
We took the subway for around fourty minutes to Central Park’s closest station, the walked off in the opposite direction by accident before being pointed the right way by a police officer. Finally we go there, and although I knew it was big, I definitely didnt expect it to be that big! We walked around for nearly three hours, visited The Pond, Hecksher Playground, Bethesda Fountain, The Lake, The Boat House, The Resevoir and the Alice in Wonderland status, and still hadnt covered half of it:

I genuinely think that if we didn’t have other things on our list we could have made a full day of it, but with so much more left to do we set off at around 16:00 in the direction of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
Before arriving at The Met we assumed that there would be no entry fee, I guess because that’s the case with all museums in London, but when we got there and saw that a ticket was required, and the suggested donation was $22 per person, we gave it a miss. From there we walked to the Guggenheim Museum, and then back across the park to the American Museum of Natural History. Again, a suggested donation of $22 per person was required but because we’re poor we asked a nice old man whether we could pay less, as we couldn’t afford the full amount. He said yes, and that any donation would be appreciated, so we gave $2.50 each, which felt like a bit of a success but a bit like we’d cheated the system. Either way, it was really fun inside! 
After the museums we picked up a cheap hot dog and a massive pretzel, then took the subway to Times Square, where we took a few typical touristy photographs and then took off pretty swiftly becuase it was so over-crowded: 

From Times Square we walked a few blocks as far as Radio City Music Hall, then to The Rockefeller Center, and then on to NBC Studios where we tried and failed to bag ourselves a pair of tickets to see The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

Feeling pretty accomplished with what we’d seen and done with day one in NYC we planned on heading back to the apartment pretty early, around 19:00 maybe, but that really didnt go to plan. We walked to a few blocks and picked up a pizza slice for $1, which was pretty average but felt like we’d unlocked an achievement or something, and then chose to walk eleven blocks to the nearest subway station that we could take all the way home instead of taking a few and having to change. Thats where it went a bit wrong though. We walked eleven blocks in the wrong direction, back towards Central Park, before realising our mistake – and by our mistake, I mean mine, because I was on map reading duty at the time. By the time we eventually found our way and got home, it was at least 22:00, and both of us were absolutely shattered! 
By the end of day one we’ve scratched off nine of thirty landmarks on our map, which isnt bad going, becuase we managed to pack in loads of other bits that aren’t on there too. Two other places not mentioned above that we passed were the Museum of Modern Art, and The Plaza Hotel, but we didnt do anything except walk past them both. Thats all for day one, but I’m sure there’s going to be just as much over the next couple of days too!


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