Day 66 – Friday 29th July 2016

Just two days left in the country…
Having covered the majority of Upper East and West Side Manhattan yesterday we headed Downtown today for what was always going to be another very busy one. We started the day at Brooklyn Heights Promenade, a peaceful pedestrian throughfare which offers incredible panoramic views of the Manhattan Skyline:

From there we walked the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River, straight into the heart of NYC:

The 9/11 War Memorial and World Trade Center came next, which we walked to via Wall Street and the NYC Stock Exchange: 

The World Trade Center was pretty easy for us to find – all we had to do was look up towards the sky and we knew which direction to head in. It was quite difficult for me to get a good picture due to its sheer size, but at the risk of looking silly in front of the other tourists I sat on the floor in order to take a decent shot: 

I couldnt bring myself to take a picture of the 9/11 Memorial. Even walking through the space where the Twin Towers once stood was enough to give me chills that I haven’t felt since visitng Auschwitz last year.
Using our scratch map as a guide we walked a few blocks south towards Battery Park, where we picked up a couple of tickets for a boat trip to The Statue of Liberty and a thirty minute audio tour of the Liberty Island. I must say, The Statue of Liberty is definitely all she’s made out to be, and I’m so happy that we paid out instead of just looking from a distance and exercising the zoom on our cameras:

On the way back to Manhattan we stopped at Ellis Island but couldn’t get off the boat because we’d left it so late in the day. The views of the skyline were great though: 
We decided that it was time for something to eat after that, so went to take the subway to Chinatown, but because it was so hot and busy on the platform we turned around walked it instead. We had BBQ Pork Noodle Soup with Chinese Style Broccoli in one restaurant, and then walked to another to try their Baked Pork Buns. All of the food was great, and quite cheap too, although the portion sizes weren’t as generous as they are back home. 
Full of food, we probably should have taken public transport back home and called it a night, but still had a couple of things left to get done. We walked from Chinatown to the Manhattan Bridge, which we walked over towards Dumbo (ha, yeah, the place is called Dumbo). The sun was just about starting to set by this point which meant that we got some more great photographs of the NYC skyline:

The bridge didn’t just end on the shore it walked us about half a mile into Dumbo so we had to walk back on ourselves in order to take a walk along the water. We took a few picturesque photographs with night time skyline as a backdrop, and then carried on to our last stop of the day: 
Abbie found Brooklyn Ice Cream Parlor online ealier in the day and based upon it’s ratings and reviews insisted that we visited before leaving. Also, who am I to turn down ice cream? We spent nearly $20 on a pair of three-scoop, three-topping sundaes, which were literally the size of our faces:

We sat by the river to eat them, and then took the subway home to bed. Another unexpected late night was well worth it, and by the end of our second day we’d scratched off a further six of the landmarks on our map. Our last day in the States tomorrow will have to consist of at least some organisation as we’re leaving the country a day later, but I’m sure we won’t let that get completely in the way!  


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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