Day 68 & 69 – Sunday 31st July & Monday 1st August 2016

I cant believe that’s it, another month down…
Leaving America marks 30 days since arriving in America, so there’s another month over and done with already. 

Sunday 31st July 2016

We woke up at 04:00, to get to the airport for 05:00, for our flight which took off at just gone 07:00. We timed everything pretty perfectly and didn’t have much waiting to do at JFK, especially because we’d checked in online beforehand. 
The first flight, which was just short of 2,500 miles to Columbia, took about five and a half hours. Our wait time in Bogota which was due to be one hour ended up being three because of delays, but by 15:30 we were back on our way. The second flight, anothere 1,150 miles or so to Peru, took a further three hours. By 18:30 we’d finally arrived at our next destination – Lima.
Our knowledge and understanding of Spanish language is next to none, but after studying a basic book we can now say the bare minimum – yes, no, please and thank you. The only other word in our dictionary as yet is barato, which we’ll be using loads. It means cheap!
We took an Uber to our Airbnb and I can honestly say I’ve never seen driving like it, except for maybe on Top Gear back in the day. Everybody just goes anywhere and then expects right of way, which had me completely baffled. We didnt realise how early it would get dark here but by the time we’d checked in it was pitch black outside and we didn’t really see much out of the car window. It was a shame but meant that all of the excitement could just wait until tomorrow when we’ll have the opportunity to make the most of it. 
Initial thoughts of the Airbnb are great – the family we’re staying with are very welcoming and their home is beautiful. We went to sleep almost immediately after travelling for well over twelve hours, probaby more like sixteen in fact, which is becoming far too much of a regularity now I think!

Monday 1st August 2016
Waking up in a different country isnt something we’ve done much of yet, but is going to start becoming quite a regularity. Our first morning in Peru was quite a busy one, but all from the comfort of our bedroom. You see, we’re in Peru, and have another two nights accommodation arranged, but from then on, we’ve got nothing. I dont think I’ve ever run down a phone battery so fast just by searching for travel, accommodation and things to do.
Around 13:00, after eating biscuits for breakfast because we couldn’t be bothered to get up, we decided to venture out on a quest for food. Our Airbnb host Elizabeth has two daughters who live at home with her, Sofia and Maria, and after Sofia offered to show us around we took her for lunch with us. It was great, almost like having a tour guide with us, and because she is a local we let her do all of the talking. She is the same sort of age as us and speaks perfect English. We had lunch at a Peruvian restaurant, where we didn’t even look at the menu because Sofia orded for us after we told her that we’d give anything a try. The food was great, and very cheap too! 
After eating we took a taxi to the local market to pick up some eggs and vegetables, which again cost next to nothing. The market was amazing, and the cultural differences were definitely noticeable for a couple of Londoners like us. Sofia reccommended that I put my phone away so I obviously listened to her, which was a shame because it meant that I couldn’t take any photographs, but was good because it left more time for living in the moment instead of always trying to capture it. 
From the market we went home to chill for a bit until Sofia’s boyfriend Andres arrived, then the four of us went out for drinks. Andres is Spanish but living in Peru with his father, and can speak about six different languages.
We started in a bar with pisco sours, a traditional Peruvian drink, before carrying on to another bar and drinking doubles. All pretty drunk by this point, we realised that we hadn’t eaten, so went back to Sofia’s place, picked up her mum, and all went to a restaurant together. We took a five seater taxi and squished four of us into the back which was hysterical, and then from the front seat Elizabeth started taking photos:

Given that we’d only known these guys a day by this point we all got on seriously well. Elizabeth told us that we’re her favourite Airbnb guests ever, and I genuinely believe her, because she is definitely our favourite host too!
We had more Peruvian food with more drinks, and stayed at the restaurant until gone midnight, chatting away about everything from why Abbie and I decided to take our trip, to why Elizabeth decided to list her family home on Airbnb. We asked the waiter to get a couple of group photos, which he did, but the first was blurry and the in second you can’t see Andres:

I guess we spent a little more than we budgeted for but the experiences we had today were totally worth it. We have one day left here before check-out, and although we have a plan we still dont have anything booked, which means there’s at least one thing that we have to do tomorrow. As for the rest, I guess we’ll just see how it goes.
Also, note that I am entirely unsure of whether or not Sofia or Andres spell their names how I have done, so if they ever read this I might end up looking a bit silly! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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  1. Peru is next up, what a surprise. Curious about your adventures there! Keep those stories coming and most of all have fun!


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