Day 83 – Monday 15th August 2016

I’ve never been more tired…
So yesterday we spent all day travelling, and today we done pretty much the same! Our alarms went off at 03:15 after under three hours sleep, and we had to be up and out by 03:45. I felt absolutely dreadful and ended up being sick just before we jumped into a taxi, and then half an hour later just after we jumped out. The last thing I wanted to was get on a plane but after checking in, dropping off our bags, getting sick for a third time, and boarding, we found ourselves on the way to Santa Cruz. 
We arrived after about an hour and then had to wait two hours for our next flight from Santa Cruz to Rio. I still felt pretty rough but managed to keep down a cheese roll, but not without feeling sorry for myself and making Abbie fully aware of how rubbish I felt, of course! There was nowhere reasonably priced to get more food (as with any airport) so I had to make do with lemonade but started feeling better by the time we’d boarded again. I never used to like flying but guess I’m used to it now,which is great! No nervousness or sweaty palms during take off anymore. 
I think Santa Cruz to Sao Paulo took about three hours but the time zone thing had me slightly baffled. Straight off of the plane, probably about nine hours after waking up, we hopped into a taxi for another hour, and then on to a bus. Not just any bus though, a six hour long bus. 
It went pretty quickly to be honest, mostly due to the fact that we’d just touched down in Brazil and were super excited. We stopped around four hours into the ride at roughly 19:00 for food, which left us quite unbelievably confused. The sign at the entrance said buffet and had a picture of a full plate of food, which we assumed meant that you could fill a plate for a flat rate. What we didnt notice though was the tiny little sign in the bottom corner which meant that for every 100g of food on your plate, you have to pay a certain amount. Our food came to nearly a hundred in total, which works out at just over twenty pound. Much more than we wanted to pay for some cold meat and salad. 
Abbie played completely ignorant, waved the only cash that we had in the face of the manager, and reminded him of the fact that we speak absolutely no Portugese. In the end he let us leave, having paid less than a quarter of the price we owed, with two plates full of food. I dont even think we managed to finish what we had, but hey, we paid hardly anything for it. 
We arrived in Rio around 21.00, took a taxi straight to our Airbnb, checked in and fell asleep before we even had the chance to charge our phones. Since leaving Puno the day before we’d been on our way for around thirty two hours, so really needed to sleep. Our place seemed alright initially, although very basic. I guess we’ll clarify tomorrow morning though.


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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