Days 87 & 88 – Friday 19th & Saturday 20th August 2016

We’ve become too comfortable doing not enough…
After two months of being on the move almost all of the time, we’ve recently started to become far too comfortable staying in one place and not getting about much. Time for that to all change! 

Friday 19th August 2016
We woke up early for the first time in days because we had to be packed up and checked out by 11:00. It didnt take long to get all of our things together, so we moved everything out of the bedroom and into the living room, where our host let us hang out for a while to find somewhere else to go. We decided to stay in the same area, Botafogo, because it’s pretty safe and quite clean. It took probably an hour to find somewhere to stay which was suitable in terms of price and location, and that was the El Misti Hostel, which we booked through 
It didnt take long to get to the hostel, maybe ten minutes, as it was only a couple of roads away. We got there roughly half an hour before we were due to check in, but almost as soon as we arived we could tell by the look on the faces of those working in the hostel that something was wrong. It took maybe ten minutes for one of them to pluck up the courage to tell us that a monumental booking error left us without a room, but when they did, we didn’t really know what to do. After more unsuccessful searching online, I deceided to take a walk, and actually pop into some hostels to see if they could help us. Luckily we found one, but as we checked in it became quite apparent why they were the only ones who had room.
We had two beds in a nine bed dorm, consisting of three triple bunk beds. I dont know if they are actually called triple bunk beds, but that’s what I am naming them as they have a top, middle and bottom bunk. We shared the room with three Brazilian guys, and the other four beds were empty. The ladies bathroom was pretty decent, it had one toilet and one shower with a door that locks. The mens on the other hand had two toilets and two showers, with no dividers, and a door that kept swinging open. Hypothetically speaking somebody could have walked in on me showering and used the toilet right in front of me, but luckily that didn’t happen. The kitchen was very basic but manageable, and the internet connection wasn’t very consistent either. At the end of the day though it was a bed, which is what we needed.
We didn’t do much for the rest of the day because we had a pretty big evening planned. It’s Abbies brother Josh’s birthday you see, which to us was a reason to celebrate. As suggested by the guys last night we decided to visit Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian chain for all you can eat meat which is carved at your table, along with a limitless salad bar. I think I ended up eating more in one evening than I had done for the entire week prior to our visit, and although it was expensive, it was so worth it!
Thankfully the restaurant was no more than a five minute walk away from our hostel because if it had been any further we’d have needed a taxi. Both of us consumed so much food that we could hardly keep our eyes open, and almost as soon as we got back to bed we fell asleep. We didn’t even have time to consider the fact that the beds were not particularly comfortable, but let’s not go into that!

Saturday 20th August 2016
We woke up still bloated from the amount of food we’d eaten, to the sorry realisation that we hadn’t washed any of our clothes in about a week and a half, and run out of clean bits to wear. Our hostel doesn’t even offer a laundy service, so we had to go on the hunt for one, which, being a Saturday, was very unsuccessful. In the end we walked to the shopping center and actually picked up a few new t-shirts just to make sure that we didnt completely stink! 
Then, despite the fact that it was pretty cloudy outside, we thought we’d make the most of our time here in Rio and head to the beach. We didnt want to go to The Copacabana though, because we’d already done that one, so we headed to the Ipanema instead. We stopped on the way to pick up some snacks and sangria, you know, the important bits, and then jumped on a metro most of the way there. 
The walk between the station and the beach wasn’t far, but on the way I happened to notice another old colleague Mark half way up a ladder, de-rigging equipment which had been used for the Olympics. After shouting at him from a distance, saying hello and pointing out that we’re on the way to the beach, we carried on. I know I’ve said it before about Nik, Simon, Neil and Chris, but to walk down the street in Rio wearing shorts and flip-flops on your way to the beach and then bump into somebody you know, it’s all very surreal! 
At the beach we cracked open the sangria and relaxed under the clouds, which felt very British, but to our surprise there seemed to be loads of Brazilians doing the same thing too. I guess they don’t have it too bad though, becuase it’s their winter right now and it was still 24℃ – we are lucky to get that in summer back home! We got accidentally drunk pretty quickly, so much so that as most people started to leave because it was raining a bit we didnt move a muscle. A little rain never hurt anybody, right? Well, after ten minutes it really started to pour, which left us with no choise but to leave and make our way back to the hostel. 
We chilled for a bit, then showered and changed, and then went to meet up with Nick, Simon and Neil again, who happened to be with Mark who we saw up the ladder earlier in the day. We had a few beers, then went for pizza, and then had a few caipirinha cocktails each before calling it a night. To be honest the caipirinha went straight to both of our heads which meant that as soon as we got back we crashed and fell asleep straight away again. Not sure how we’ll feel in the morning though! 
Unfortunately we didn’t really get the chance to take many pictures because we didn’t want to carry our cameras around and make ourselves look like ultimate tourists (almost inviting crime). We didn’t get our phones our unless we had to either, also for safety reasons, but rest assured we’ve been having a great time! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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