Days 89 & 90 – Sunday 21st & Monday 22nd August 2016

Another two days of trying to get ourselves organised…
Planning days definitely aren’t the most fun, but I guess that in a way they’re actually quite exciting, as they give us loads to look forward to. Not that we don’t have enough to look forward to already though I guess. 

Day 89 – Sunday 21st August 2016
Surprisingly enough we managed to stay in bed until around 10:00 this morning, I’d say entirely due to the fact that we had quite a bit to drink the night before, but it was wet and horrible outside so we had pretty much nothing to do anyway. We figured that with only a day or two left in Rio, and no arrangements thereafter, we should probably have a day of planning.
At the beginning of the day we knew nothing more than the fact that our next flight is on Wednesday 14th September. After eating breakfast at around midday we didn’t leave our seats for near on four hours, and although we didn’t actually book anything, we had a thorough but pretty flexible idea of how we’d be spending at least the next week, with a vague idea of what we could do after that as well. 
It does get a little tedious after a while though, the sitting and planning thing, so short of ideas we had just one thing in mind, another of Neil’s suggestions, which again revolved around food – a trip to Cervates. The multi-award winning Copacabana sandwich bar is best known for the Especial, which is widely recognised as one of the best sandwiches in the world. Although the waiter handed us a menu each we barey paid any attention to what it said and instead just went for an Especial each with fried garlic and a portion of fries to share. Oh and beer too, because you cant treat yourself to one of the best burgers in the world without a beer can you? The Especial is a ridiculously large steak sandwich, with a single slice of pineapple and then about an inch of pate:

I’m so glad that we decided to eat inside the restaurant, because there is a takeaway option too, which I definitely wouldnt have been able to manage without losing half of my sandwich to the floor. You know when there’s just too much to fit in your mouth and it goes absolutely everywhere? Well that’s what was happening to just about everybody.
After eating we took a slow walk back to our hostel and made it back just in time for the Olympic Closing Ceremony, which we watched with the hostel staff and a few other guests. After that we headed up to our dorm and decided between us that we definitely need at least another day in Rio, if not more, so that we can really make the most of it. Instead of packing our bags we just went to bed with the intention of extending our stay in the morning. Note that we still hadn’t washed any of our clothes at this point but could only find one laundry shop which was excessively overpriced, so often to smell a little worse than usual and save the cash!

Day 90 – Monday 22nd August 2016
We had an absolutely amazing idea this morning to look for an Airbnb instead of staying another night or two in potentially the worst hostel we’ve experienced so far, and it didn’t take long for us to find a winner! 
Sticking to what we know, we searched the Botafogo area again. We ended up arranging a place only about a five minute walk away, for almost half the price, with a queen size bed and private bathroom. After three nights in the hostel, showing up at this new place was a comlete luxury. Not only that, but as we checked in, our host offered us cake! Then, as if our luck couldnt get any better, she also offered to wash all of our dirty clothes for us. 
We layed on the bed for what seemed like about twenty minutes but was more likely around two hours, simply because the pillows were actually comfortble and we hadn’t had that in quite a long time. Sad isn’t it? After that we walked to The Copacabana where there’s a shuttle bus service to Christ The Redeemer, only to find that they don’t sell tickets for the next day, which is what we needed, so we’d wasted our time. We made a very precise plan for tomorrow though, as follows:
  ⊙ 07:00 – Up and ready to leave the house within half an hour,
  ⊙ 08:00 – Take the shuttle bus to Christ The Redeemer,
  ⊙ 09:00 Arrive and stay for no more than two hours,
  ⊙ 11:00 – Leave and head back to our Airbnb,
  ⊙ 12:00 – Arrive back at Airbnb, then say bye and head for the bus station,
  ⊙ 13:00 – Take the only bus of the day and wave goodbye to Rio,
We got in touch with Nik, Simon and Neil to see if they wanted one last drink before we leave, which they agreed to, and met them around 19:00. We made it very clear that we only intended to stay for a little while and had to be in bed by 09:00 in order to make our plan work the following day, but 26 large bottles of beer, two plates of chicken strips and a good old game of ‘I say a famous person, and then you have to say a famous person who’s name begins with the last letter of my person’ later, it was about 23:00 and our plan had been thrown right out of the window. We said our goodbyes, thanked everybody for how amazing they’ve been to us both, and walked away with a large bottle of rum which Neil couldnt fit in his case to take home with him. Looks like we’re going to be making friends very easily at the next hostel we check into! 
Back at our airbnb, in our super comfortable huge bed with fluffy pillows which felt 100% better after a few drinks (or more) we optimistically set our alarms for 07:00 and convinced ourselves that our plan would still work. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out whether or not it did though!


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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