Days 91 & 92 – Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th August 2016

Time to make a move I guess…
No really, we do actually have to leave Rio eventually!

Day 91 – Tuesday 23rd August 2016
So those of you who read yesterday’s post may remember that our day was due to start at 07:00 today, and that we planned on being up and ready to leave the house within half an hour. Well we kind of binned the plan at about 07:01 by deciding to go back to bed, but not entirely due to the fact that we felt lazy and hungover. We had a pretty good reason in fact! 
Our Airbnb host must have heard us get in last night because she sent us a message to say that if we want to stay for another night we are more than welcome to. We also read that although it is sometimes best to visit Christ The Redeemer early in the day to beat the crowds, in the afternoon you’re more likely to get a clear sky and a better view of Rio. Lastly, we hadn’t actually booked our bus ticket yet, so didn’t necessarily have to leave. Back to sleep it was, for probably another three hours or so. 
We woke up, lazed around for a bit, and decided after a while that we should probably get up and shower. I went first, but noticed as soon as I opened the door that not only had our clothes been washed and dried, but neatly folded into two piles and left outside our room. Then, just when we thought out host couldn’t get any more generous, she wandered in with breakfast that she’d prepared for us to eat in bed:

It really is the little things that make a big difference! 
After eating, showering and getting ready for the day, we took an Uber back to the shuttle bus service station that we visited yesterday, and picked up a pair of tickets. They cost £13 per person and included travel to and from Christ The Redeemer as well as entry. We had to wait a while for our bus but ended up taking the same one as some of the Serbian athletes who were in Rio for the Olympics, which was pretty cool. 
It took about an hour from The Copacabana to get there, and we knew that there would be a few steps to climb after being dropped off of the bus, but they took no time at all! At the top, crowds of people gathered, almost everybody looking towards the sky, in awe of the masterpiece that stood over us: 

Some people layed on the floor in hope of capturing the perfect photograph, but to Abbie and I there’s no such thing when you’ve got hundreds of strangers behind you! Instead we spent a while taking in the panoramic views from what feels like on top of the world: 

We did take a couple of clique photos too, because who doesn’t, but couldn’t get a single one without somebody walking their way into our shot:

For that reason we didn’t hang around for long. Back on the bus it was another hour down to The Copacabana again, by which time we were more that ready for something to eat. We found a nice little Brazilian place by the water where Abbie had seafood pasta and I had steak, after which we took a taxi back to our Airbnb to chill out again. We stopped on the way back to get food for the bus tomorrow, you know crackers and cheese, little bits to pick on, and grabbed some instant noodles in case we got hungry again later, which of course I did.
I don’t know about anybody else, but it seems with me that as soon as I’m offered food I get hungry, but I’m fine if not. I would have been able to see the night through had it not been for our Airbnb host walking again with more cake before bed. How could we complain at more free cake though? We had a slice each, then half packed our bags and called it a night. That’s just about it for Rio, and after eight days we feel like we’ve definitely made the most of it. Enough of feeling like we’re on a mini holiday though, it’s time for more exploring! 

Day 92 – Wednesday 24th August 2016
We woke up at around 10:00 to a message from our host asking whether or not we wanted breakfast in bed again, which we obviously said yes to.
After chilling for a while we really had to get going, as we knew that the only bus out of Rio left at 13:30. We showered and got dressed, then packed our bags, which took a lot longer than anticipated as always. By the time we checked our watches again it was 12:30 and we had just an hour until the bus leaves, from the bus station which was a good half an hour away. Oh and we still had to pay for staying, and we had no cash on us. 
The closest cash machine was a nine minute walk away. Do the maths and we only had twelve minutes to request an Uber, account for traffic, find the right ticket desk, buy our tickets, find the bus and actually get on board. By the skin of our teeth, with literally seconds to spare, we made it. We were the last on board and before we’d even reached our seats we were moving. Usually I’m one to freak out over potential lateness but I don’t know how time managed to get by so quickly this morning. Maybe I’ve become too relaxed what with all the beaches and comfortable queen size beds! 
Anyway, we made it which is the main thing, and spent the rest of our day (and night) on board. Our destination is twenty hours away, and I think we are due to arrive at around 10:00 tomorrow subject to stopping here and there. We’ve got a few movies downloaded to help pass time, but hey we are used to it – a day on a bus is almost normal to us now! 


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