Day 97 – Sunday 28th August 2016

Back to the falls, Argentinian style…
One of the girls who we shared the dorm with last night thought that it would be a good idea to set her alarm for 06:30 this morning which was wonderful and woke everybody up an hour before breakfast. Not only that, but she was so noisy when getting up and getting ready that we couldn’t get back to sleep either. It wasn’t the start we’d have picked given the choice, but did mean that we had an early one morning, which is usually nice!
After eating our free breakfast (a crossiant and a jam roll – wonderful) we walked to the store to pick up snacks for the day so that we could avoid ridiculous prices inside Parque Nacionale Iguazu, and then carried on to the bus stop which is no more that five minutes from our hostel. We stopped quite a few times as expected on public transport, but it didn’t seem as hot or stuffy as it did on the Brazilian side, probably because it was only around 09:00. 
Upon arrival around 10:00 we purchased a pair of tickets (for $330 each – we’re still having to get our heads around the conversion rate), picked up a free map, and headed for the falls: 

Having spent a day doing the same thing in Brazil we wondered just how different it could be here in Argentina, and initially, there wasnt really much difference. It was still incredible, just very much the same as what we’d already seen:

For a while both of us were convinced that nothing was going to change but after a couple of miles we joined a metal walkway which crossed the water and took us right to the edge, which was very impressive:

Oh and you could also see the Brazilian viewing platform in the distance.To give you an idea of what I meant when I said yesterday that we were in the middle of the falls, check this out:

I think we probably walked for about five miles altogether, and becuase there was no bus service inside the park like there was in Brazil it felt like a lot more. Still, it was well worth doing, and to anybody who is considering a visit, you should definitely do both Brazil and Argentina! Watch out for the coatis though, because we had real trouble eating anything without being swarmed by them again today: 

We took the same bus back to our hostel and picked up some food at the store on the way so that we could make our own dinner and recoup some of the money spent yesterday (all £17 of it). Back at the hostel we both slept for around an hour after the early start caught up on us, until around 19:00 when we decided to cook for ourselves. We made tuna pasta with onion and mayonnaise, because we’re amazing at cooking you know, but there was loads of it, it tasted great, and it only cost us about £2 each. The bag of pasta actually said ‘serves ten’ so we shared it between the two of us with the intention of saving some for tomorrow, but probably had enough to feed maybe five or six. We’re travellers though so we have an excuse!
After eating we hung out in the lobby (where the Wi-Fi is really strong) and then moved to the outside communal area where it gets a bit cooler. We played cards and done some planning becuase we’re checking out tomorrow. We have to be out of our room by 10:00 but can hang around for as long as we want to make further arrangements, so didn’t have to rush tonight, which was great. We know where we are heading to and staying, but don’t know how we are getting there yet, so tomorrow should be a fun one! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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3 Responses to Day 97 – Sunday 28th August 2016

  1. Great story! Was in Iguazu in 2001😎! Thanks for bringing back the memories!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. asthaguptaa says:

    you’re having so much fun! 🙂


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