Days 98 & 99 – Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th August 2016

Two days of pretty much nothing…
Our time in both Foz do Iguazu and Puerto Iguazu were pretty busy and exciting. Time for that to change!

Day 98 – Monday 29th August 2016
We woke up at 08:00 again to make sure that we didn’t miss breakfast, only to find that it was exactly that same as yesterday (pretty damn boring). Nethertheless it was free food so we couldn’t turn it down. After eating we showered and then spent about an hour re-packing in advance of check out at 10:00. Thankfully the hostel let us hang around in the lobby for as long as necessary, which was a pretty big deal given that our bus wasn’t until 17:00.
At some point between checking out and moving our backs to the storage room what I can only describe as one of the most amazingly terrible storms that I have ever seen happened to descent upon us. Luckily for us we could just wait it out, but loads of others were staying in the same hostel as us for one reason and one reason only, to visit Iguazu Falls, and couldn’t step foot outside without getting absolutely drowned. Still, better them than us right?
We made quite a few friends, mainly because we had the weather to use as a great conversation starter. We also ate quite a lot of food, including the leftover pasta from last night, just because we had nothing else to do. In honesty though, its not worth me going on about the day any more because absolutely nothing happened. Lets skip to the good bit!
Our bus cost just over £60 each, but had TV screens and chairs that reclined all the way into beds. We didn’t even pay over the odds, because the other option which had no TV and upright chairs only cost under £3 less. We were also promised food, which we didn’t actually get until 23:00 because South Americans all eat ridiculously late, but was three courses (a sandwich, then what looked like cat food on spaghetti, then a cake) followed by champagne. Again, not too shabby at all. After eating it was around midnight and definitely time for sleep. We’d been travelling for seven hours already, with only another ten to go.

Day 99 – Monday 30th August 2016
I woke up to a bus attendant prodding me in the shoudler at 08:00 as she was handing out breakfast. After eating only eight hours ago we weren’t particularly hungry but again didn’t want to say no because it was free. The food was only basic, a croissant and jam, then crackers and cheese, but in sealed bags that we could keep for another time.
At around 10:00 when we were due to arrive, we checked on Google maps and still found ourselves over an hour away, but that’s something that we are so used to now that it didn’t really bother us at all. Just before midday we’d arrived at our final destination in South America – Buenos Aires.
We had an Airbnb booked, but no wifi to find it. This meant that we spent around an hour in the bus station trying to convince companies to let us use their internet, which was a real struggle. In the end I told two men that I was willing to pay the equivalent of £600 for two tickets to Lima (which was complete rubbish) but needed Wi-Fi to access my internet banking before I could pay. Reluctantly they gave me their password, before I used their connection to find a taxi and get out of there. I felt a bit guilty, bet hey, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do!
At our Airbnb, it’s more like a hotel. There’s a communal kitchen and maybe six or seven bedrooms which all have private bathrooms. It’s lovely being back in our own room, because since Rio we’ve been sharing with others. I’d say that we have been maintaining a pretty perfect balance of privacy and socialising so far on our trip, but this afternoon we were definitely in need of some space.
Initally the Wi-Fi didn’t work, which had me stressing. We even had to walk to Mcdonalds and buy food just to use their internet so that we could message our Airbnb host and complain. Luckily she had it fixed immidiately though, so all was good. When we got back we used Skype to speak to my mum and brother, which was amazing, because I haven’t seen either of their faces in far too long, and then walked to the store to pick up some foor for dinner today and lunch tomorrow. We only had an omelette because it was quick and easy, and then watched a movie in bed before going to sleep. Tomorrow we plan on actually getting up and going out, especially after two days of nothing, but we think the rest was pretty well deserved to be honest.


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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