Day 100 – Thursday 31st August 2016

One hundred days already…
Thats right, today marks one hundred days since leaving home. Its crazy, and seems like only yesterday that Abbie and I were celebrating one hundred days to go until our trip started. Time is seriously flying by and in all honesty I’m really not surprised. We are having so much fun! 
Yesterday during our time spent doing nothing we found ourselves a free walking tour of Buenos Aires which lasted three hours starting at 10:30, seven days a week. Seeing as though we knew absolutely nothing about the city we thought we’d give that a go today, to educate ourselves and also get to know our way around. We had breakfast at 10:00 and then had to power walk to Plaza Estado del Vaticano where the tour started so that we could meet our guide. We arrived just in time, met our guide, and then happened to spot Shannon, a girl who we met around a week ago in Brazil at a hostel. She was also taking the tour, which was great, and meant that we had a friend for the day!
Stops on the tour included Teatro Colon, Plza Lavalle, Avenue 9 de Julio, Plaza San Martin, Torre Monumental, Plaza Francia, Iglesia del Pilar and Cementerio de le Recoleta. Now I know that to most of you that last sentence was probably just a bunch of words that you didn’t understand, so to put it in simple terms, we visited an opera house, a park, the widest avenue in the world, another park, a monument, another park, a church and a cemetery:

At 12:00 after visiting all stops but the last we visited a cafe for lunch, and while most others had a sandwich and a coffee, we had crackers and cheese that we packed in advance. We then carried on to our final stop of the day where we arrived at roughly 13:00. Although tours of the cemetery were avilable they were costly and didn’t start until until 15:00. Instead of waiting for two hours we teamed up with Shannon again and decided to wander around without a guide.  
Inside, all three of us were left lost for words. Cementerio de le Recoleta was nothing like anything we’ve ever seen before. The cemetery contains the graves of notable people including the First Lady of Argentina Eva Peron, former Argentinian presidents Bartolome Mitre, Carlos Pellegrini and Domingo Fustino Sarmiento (amongst others), and the granddaughter of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is considered one of the best and most beautiful cemeteries in the world, and for good reason. Each grave is complete unique, for all of the right reasons. Even those that hadn’t been well maintained were spectacular in their own right, and although we only took a few pictures you can really tell just how impressive the place was:

After wandering around for quite a while we decided to make a move. We exchanged details with Shannon so that we could meet up again some time (potentially in Australia, where she lives) and then headed back to our Airbnb. The walk back took about fourty minutes, and we decided on the way back that we’d have an early dinner. Then, just as our luck would have it, we spotted three men working in the kitchen on some sort of electricity problem, which ended up taking them about three hours. We snacked on more crackers, because we’re basically living off of them now, and finally got to eat properly around 21:00. We had a fake jumbalaya with sausage as a substitute for decent meat and no spice at all, but it was pretty good! Also, because the ingredients were cheap, we only actually spent £4 each in total for the whole day. Not bad at all.
Our one and only plan for tomorrow is to wash our dirty clothes, so it looks like it’ll be another quiet one again! Not that I can complain about another day of resting though! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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