Days 101 & 102 – Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd September 2016

The first few days of spring…
It’s crazy because the temperature has been anything between 12℃ and 32℃ since we arrived, but September marks the beginning of Spring in Argentina. In honesty I dont know that we’d have been able to cope had it been summer!

Day 101 – Thursday 1st September 2016
As mentioned yesterday, our only aim of the day was to get our laundry done. At first we thought that would mean a trip to the laundrette and a couple of hours waiting, but luck was on our side again, and just as we were about to leave our Airbnb host pointed out that we are more than welcome to use her washing machine. Granted the machine is tiny and it took three full loads to wash all of our clothes, but it saved us some money and meant that we had an excuse to stay in bed for the entire morning (and half of the afternoon too).
We spent the whole day watching movies and it was brilliant, because we couldn’t really bothered to do anything else and needed clean clothes, so used that as our excuse. By the time all of our things were clean our room had been decorated with laundry. Everything from the shower curtain rail to the hook on the back of the door was being used as a temporary washing line, and although we have a balcony that also could have been used, it gets pretty cold overnight and wouldn’t have been worth it.
For dinner we visited Parrilla Pena, a steakhouse not far from our Airbnb, where we met up with Farisa and Gretchen, two girls who we first got talking to in our Puerto Iguazu hostel. Farisa is from Leeds and Gretchen is from San Diego, and it was their last night in South America after travelling the continent for five weeks together. They made great company, and after eating we stayed in the restaurant chatting our lives away until we were kicked out at nearly 01:00 so that the place could close. Had it stayed open, we would’ve stayed too, because I guess we just clicked. None of us had any idea that we’d been sitting and talking for over four hours, it was crazy!
We walked home, which took about half an hour, and then went straight to bed, full of steak and wine. Oh and the best thing of all – we only spent £15 each in total, including food, wine and a pretty decent tip too!

Day 102 – Friday 2nd September 2016
We managed to lay in until around 10:00 this morning, mostly thanks to the fact that we didnt get to sleep until 02:00 last night. That was fine though as the only thing we had planned was another free walking tour, and that didn’t start until the middle of the afternoon. We had breakfast, took a walk to the store, done some shopping and then had lunch. It was a very slow start, but if the walking tour a few days ago was anything to go by we needed the rest in advance!
At 15:00 we met our guide outside the Palace of the Argentine National Congress. She explained that there was a high security alert because thousands of protesters had taken to the streets for some reason or other, but went ahead with the tour anyway. After a while Abbie and I started to get a little anxious about the huge crowds of angry Argentinians, and then not long after the guide actually called the tour off. We are probably going to give the same thing a go on another day when we can actually enjoy ourselves instead of having to endure scenes like this:

We made our own dinner again this evening, and pasta was sufficient enough to fill us up. We even had peaches with yoghurt for dessert! Pushing the boat out and all. Hopefully everything has calmed down by tomorrow so that we can go out and have some fun, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the protests continued until at least tomorrow morning. Everybody just needs to chill out a bit! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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