Day 103 – Saturday 3rd September 2016

Even when we’re being lazy we’re keeping busy…  
We started today with two pretty long Skype calls. The first was to my mum and brother who are visiting family in Tavistock this weekend, which was lovely and meant that we could also catch up with my aunt, uncle and two little cousins. The second was to Abbie’s brother and his girlfriend who have recently moved into their new home, so have just started their own adventure too I guess. 
Before we knew it we’d missed breakfast and it was gone midday, so we walked to the store and picked up some bits to make ourselves a hefty brunch. For once we actually we actually paid a little extra and chose decent sausages, added some mushrooms, then had the closest thing to a fry-up that we’ve had since we were in Vancouver a couple of months back. It felt like a bit of a treat after nearly a week of porridge, and definitely left us ready for the rest of the day.
Having exhausted the free walking tours of Buenos Aires we thought we’d make our own itinerary, but that didn’t really go to plan to be honest. We knew that Casa Rosana, the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina, was open to the public every Saturday, but didn’t realise that you had to register in advance for free tickets. For that reason we had to make do with the view from outside, and then carry on walking:

From there we planned to walk to the Puerto Madero Bridge, but got to the water and walked in the opposite direction instead because it looked prettier. It was very busy so we decided not to get our phones out and take pictures, which is a shame because it was gorgeous, but definitely a sensible idea. One guy actually and asked me for the time and I very nearly stopped, only for Abbie to push me so that I didn’t. Maybe he actually wanted the time, but Ab was having none of it.
We grabbed a coffee each after about an hour and then carried on to Micaela Bastida Park which is apparently the place to be around here on the weekend, as it was packed with kids hanging out, skateboarding, playing football, and just about whatever else. From there we walked reverted back to the original plan, visited Puerto Madero Bridge, and then decided to head home before the sun went down. It’s not necessarily unsafe around here, but we’ve been staying a little overprecautious just in case. 
For dinner we had sardines with frozen vegetables and rice, which was probably the most traveller-esque meal we’ve put together so far, but a little different from what we’re used to I guess. We then stayed up until gone midnight watching movies, which means that my post tomorrow will no doubt start with something along the lines of “we didn’t get out of bed in a rush this morning” but we’re only making the most of it while we can! We’ve stopped paying attention to going to sleep at a reasonable time because our next destination is going to hit us with serious jet lag anyway. You could argue that we’re just being lazy again, but we’ve convinced ourselves otherwise and that’s all that matters. 


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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