Day 104 – Sunday 4th September 2014 

The best outdoor market in Buenos Aires…
​We didn’t get out of bed in a rush this morning, becuase unlike at home where markets start and end particularly early, here in Buenos Aires they’re an all day thing. After getting up, showering and having a bite to eat, we set off in the direction of Feria de San Telmo, a local antique market. It runs every Sunday, and is composed of nearly three hundred stands which attract an estimated ten thousand people each day. 
Starting at Casa Rosada and following Defensa in one long straight line for just under a mile all the way to Plaza Dorrego, the market offered everything from souveneir fridge magnets to hand made leather saddles. The sound of live music echoed amongst the narrow city streets, and there was a new band playing on almost every corner:

Then of course we found those who were dancing the tango, in small cornered off sections where they could move freely without interruption, as crowds gathered to watch what is probably the most Argentinian thing they’d see all day: 

All in all I think we spent a good three hours wandering around the market, absolutely fascinated at the sense of culturalism that was bursting from every stand along the way. From there it was a half hour walk back to our Airbnb, where we’d have been checking out already had it not been for a bit of a mix up with our flights. Originally we were meant to leave Buenos Aires on September 2nd, but then the date was pushed back to September 4th, and then again to September 11th, which means that we’re here for another week now! Our current Airbnb is only available until the morning of the 9th September though, so we’ll have to arrange something else for our last two nights. At least we know that we dont have to rush to get anything done now though I guess. 
Just as we stepped inside it started to pour with rain, which left us with no option other than to spend the rest of the afternoon indoors. We made lunch, had a nice long Skype call with Abbies dad which was lovely as always, and then carried on with our latest addiction, a series called Roadies which we found online. Note that Roadies comes after already having started a series called Vinyl (which we can only stream when Wi-Fi is strong enough, which isn’t oftwn), and completing Series One of Stranger Things too. I think we genuinely watch more TV in our free time whilst travelling than we ever did at home, although it’s either on our phones of our tablets because actual televisions basically dont exist to us anymore. 
For dinner it was good old pasta and sauce, but this time accompanied by the leftover mushrooms from yesterdays breakfast, which made a hell of a difference! We stayed up until gone midnight again trying to find something to do tomorrow when it’s due to pour with rain all day long. We have a few ideas, but instead of making a strict plan I think we’re just going to see how the day pans out. There’s no point rushing when we have another week on our side is there?


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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2 Responses to Day 104 – Sunday 4th September 2014 

  1. Always strange to see a picture taken in September and people having their winter jackets on ⛄️ Did you and Abbie try the Tango as well? Would have been fun to see a selfie with that 😀 Talking about selfies, watch your stick as there is a new trend of people running around with branch cutters cutting of people’s selfie sticks. There is a hilarious youtube clip of a guy doing that in NYC….Stay safe 👍

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    • I know, I’ve been walking around in flip flops getting some crazy looks from the locals! We didn’t try the tango but I think that’s because both of us were so impressed at seeing it for the first time. Oh and I’ve seen the clip of the selfie stick guy too now but thank you for the heads up!

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