Days 105 & 106 – Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th September 2016

I thought we’d left weather like this behind us…
We knew that the weather was due to be pretty poor over the next few days, but didn’t expect it to be quite as bad as it was!

Day 105 – Monday 5th September 2016
I’ll keep this one short and sweet instead of wasting your time. The weather was so bad today that going out wasn’t an option, even with our rain coats on. We searched online for things to do without going outside and found that there are loads museums in Buenos Aires, but then checked for opening times and found that the majority are closed on Monday’s. Just our luck!
We made breakfast, then lunch, then dinner, and watched a whole load of movies in between. We didn’t even step foot outside, and that’s that. Exciting eh?

Day 106 – Tuesday 6th September 2016
The weather was equally as bad today but the museums were actually open, so we had a plan! After breakfast we walked for about fourty minutes in the rain to Recoleta, home of Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo. To be honest we’d have picked history museums over art museums if we had the choice, but had to make do with what we had to avoid another day indoors.
We visited Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes first because it was on the main road and we needed to retreat for shelter as soon as possible. Pleasantly surprised at some of the work on display we stayed for about an hour, walking slowly through all 10 rooms on the ground floor, before getting hungry and making a move. We wandered in the pouring rain for another ten minutes or so towards what the internet told us would be an Indian restaurant, but ended up being a furniture store. Thanks a lot Google, I can’t eat furniture can I? I’ve been seriously craving a curry for months now too, which made matters even worse.
Absolutely gutted we checked out a few other local restaurants which all seemed far too expensive. We ended up settling for an empanada each with a strange bajhi-looking omelette-tasting thing that I’ll have to go back and find the name of because I can’t even find it online. Alright so we didn’t get what we set out for but we did end up saving money, so definitely got the best of a bad situation. Hey, we had warm hands too, although only for about five minutes. 
After eating we headed for Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, still in the rain might I add, which took about another fifteen minutes to get to. Upon arrival that our luck seemed to take a positive change, as we were told that admission is free on Tuesdays, but $20 each any other day. What a result! Being a museum of decorative art the exhibitions were all a bit wacky, including things like of a deck chair made of coat hangers. Eveything on show was really impressive though, and made me want to go home clear out my old garage and see what I could build, regardless of the fact that I can barely put together a flat packed bed side table from Ikea.  
We left after a while and walked back to our Airbnb. The rain had been continuous for a good ten hours by this point, and showed no sign at all of slowing down. We picked up some bits from the store and cooked ourselves dinner as we (rather awkwardly) watched Venezuela score the opening goal in their World Cup Qualifier against Argentina, before going on to concede four in the second half and lose 1-4. 
Back at our room we left the blinds open so that we could watch the rain, which hadn’t stopped even by the time we went to sleep at midnight. Hopefully the weather is better by tomorrow morning, because indoor activities are becomig a bit of a drag now! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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