Day 107 – Wednesday 7th September 2016

Finally, a day without our raincoats on…
Today started a little later than expected because I felt sick all morning, but it wasn’t raining outside and we were determined to get out and do. Around midday we decided to head for La Boca, a place not far from here than almost everybody we’ve met has suggested visiting.
As always we done some research before setting off and found online that getting to La Boca can be somewhat dangerous unless you are either in a group or using public transport. We then went on to read that when visiting you shouldn’t stray from the main roads as backstreets in the area are crime hotspots. Feeling cautious as ever we only took one phone with us, and a wallet which was completely empty except for our bus fare and about $80 (which is the equivalent to £4 back home), so that if necessary we could just hand everything over and get out of there! That’s quite a scary thought looking back on it, but we went for it anyway.
From our Airbnb we walked to the number 64A bus stop and then took a bus right into the tourist capital of La Boca – Caminito:

Famous for its particularly colourful buildings, Caminito is arguably the most vibrant place to visit in Buenos Aires. Then, no more than 100m away we found La Bombonera, home of Club Atletico Boca Juniors, the most successful professional football team in Argentina:

We only stayed for an hour or so because there’s not too much to do without straying from the main roads, which we obviously didn’t do because we actually have our heads screwed on. Others who clearly hadn’t read about La Boca prior to visiting wandered the streets wearing cameras around their necks with backpacks on and phones in hand, which strangely made us feel pretty safe. I mean, if you’re going to rob somebody you would go for the dude with a camera, a phone and a backpack on show, wouldn’t you?
We took the bus back, considered a walk to the store to pick up bits for dinner, and then completely scrapped that plan in favour of pizza. We walked to a restaurant around the corner from our Airbnb and shared an absolutely monsterous ham calzone, which left us so full that there wasn’t even room for dessert – something that is unheard of with us two!
Back at our room we failed at trying to find the Paralympic Opening Ceremony on TV, so got a relatively early night. Tomorrow is our last full day at this Airbnb before we have to check out the day after, and then only have two nights nearby before leaving the country (and continent) on Sunday night. Our next flight is the longest of our entire trip and will take around thirteen hours. Let’s hope that we can blag an upgrade eh?


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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