Days 108 & 109 – Thursday 8th & Friday 9th September 2016

It’s very nearly time to leave…
As our South American adventure comes to an end I think we can safely say that we’ve timed everything pretty perfectly. We kept very busy in the first few weeks before slowing down for our time in Rio and Buenos Aires, and everything we’ve done has been absolutely incredible. Now though, it’s almost time to move on.

Day 108 – Thursday 8th September 2016
Laundry was our priority this morning because once again I found myself with hardly any clean clothes. After stuffing everything into one wash so that it only took an hour or so, we managed to shower and eat breakfast by the time the machine had finished. After transforming our room into a pretty impressive clothes drying zone we headed out at around midday with the intention or renting BA Bicycles (the Buenos Aires equivalent to what we call Boris Bikes back home) and using them to escape the city and explore Constanta Sur, the local ecological reserve.
We walked for twenty minutes to the Tourist Information Center to find out how we could go about getting the bikes, where we were told that it’s impossible unless you can email a digital copy of your passport in order for a code to be issued. That sounded a bit iffy to us, so we just went without, and walked again like we’ve been doing most of the time anyway. 
From the Tourist Information Center to the Eco Park took nearly an hour, but it was another nice day, so we really didn’t mind. Upon arrival we feared the worst because two security guards stood in front of a closed gate, but approached them anyway just in case. We then realised that because of reconstruction works we couldn’t actually enter the reserve, which was very annoying, especially as it we weren’t warned online or at the Tourist Information Center. 
We’d essentially been following an impossble itineray all day, but insead of letting that get us down we carried on walking for about another hour and then found somewhere to eat. Abbie specicifally wanted to try cerviche, a traditional Peruvian seafood dish, and by luck we wandered past a restaurant that had it on special, so couldn’t really say no. We stopped for quite a while, had a quick drink before eating, and then really enjoyed our meals. Once again, taking a gamble on local food that we’ve never tried before seriously paid off! 
We took a slow walk back after what was actually a really good day in the end, regardless of the fact that the reserve was closed. We hoped that we’d be able to get an early night but instead found ourselves awake trying to arrange accommodation over Christmas and New Years Eve before it gets ridiculously expensive. It took ages, but eventually we got somewhere sorted. I won’t ruin the surprise and tell you all about it now though, that can be your Christmas present or something. 

Day 109 – Friday 9th September 2016
Today we had to leave the Airbnb that we’ve been staying in for the last week or so because the host had another guest due to check in. We couldn’t go too far becuse we fly out of Buenos Aires in a couple of days, so after looking online for a while we ended up finding a different Airbnb literally three blocks away, which only took about ten minutes to walk to. We didn’t actually have to check out until midday so instead of just shoving everything in our bags and walking to the new place we actually packed sensibly with our flight in mind. 
I have no idea how our new room is listed on Airbnb without having received loads of complaints, because although it’s absolutely fine, it’s literally inside a hotel! There’s a front desk and everything, its’s ridiculous. Airbnb is meant to be about staying with somebody and being welcomed into their home, but instead we are in one of maybe ten rooms which share a kitchen, bathroom and shower. Like I said it doesnt really bother us, but it’s pretty bad that they’re able to get away with it. 
Moving on anyway, we walked to Florida Street in the afternoon because it’s one of the main tourist areas that we are yet visit properly, but other than having a shopping center and loads of restaurants it wasn’t that great. We did get ice cream though so the walk was definitely worth it.
Back at our Airbnb we made dinner early to avoid waiting around in a congested kitchen, and then chilled for the rest of the evening. That’s it now, only one full day left before we leave! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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