Days 110 & 111 – Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th September 2016

Only two more days of laziness…
I need to start by emphasising the fact that we’re not being lazy through choice, but because STA Travel kind of screwed us over and booked our flights for a week later than anticipated. We thought we’d be leaving on the 4th but instead we’re leaving on the 11th. At least it’s cheap enough here that another week isn’t dealing too much damage to our budget.

Day 110 – Saturday 10th September 2016
There’s no way that today could been a post on its own – it simply had to count as one half of a two day post because we done pretty much nothing at all. We woke up at around 09:00, had brunch at around midday, and then stayed in bed until around 18:00. I mean, we weren’t just laying around or sleeping, we actually got quite a bit of planning done for the next couple of stages of our trip, but all from bed.
Eventually we decided to get up, but only because we couldn’t bring ourselves to having an entire day without stepping foot outside. In typical Dan and Abbie fashion we went on a hunt for food, but it had to be cheap because we didn’t want to spend loads. We walked back to Florida Street because there’s loads of place to stop and eat, where despite the urge to splash out on something that looked a little less like a heart attack, we couldn’t resist the ‘BK Stacker 5.0 Power’ – a five tier bacon and cheese burger special from Burger King: 

You know what, as I find with most fast food, it didn’t even taste that great. Also I am quite ashamed of the fact that the only photograph on this post is of me eating a massive burger, but it was that or no pictures again, and it is pretty impressive, right?
After eating we went back to our Airbnb and stayed up until just gone midnight so that we could check in online for our next flight, only to find that online check in wasn’t available, meaning that we stayed up for nothing. 
That’s everything. Bed and food. What a day. 

Day 111 – Sunday 11th September 2016
We woke up super late today and didn’t care in the slightest because our check out time wasn’t until 19:00, we’re trying to get our head around different time zones, and had we nothing to do except pack, which was basically done anyway. 
We had another really lazy one, broken up by Skype calls to friends and family back home. It wasn’t until 19:30 that we made a move, and instead of ordering a taxi through reception at our Airbnb (which still feels weird – no Airbnb should have a reception desk in my opinion), we ordered through an app called Easy Taxi, because the fare estimate was roughly $100 cheaper. At first we thought we’d made a genius move and saved a couple of quid, but as soon as we arrived at the airport we found ourselves faced with an extremely angry Argentinian taxi driver who insisted, in Spanish (which we couldnt understand a word of), that we pay him more. After shaking his head rather frantically he pulled out a wad of cash and repeatedly pointed at it. It was a bit of an uncomfortable situation, but we genuinely didn’t have any more cash on us, so couldn’t have paid over the odds regardless. 
Our flight wasn’t due to depart until 23:59 and we couldn’t check in or drop off our bags until three hours prior to that, so had a burger and a beer (which is a bit of a tradition back home) and then tried our luck at blagging a free upgrade, but failed completely. We waited at the gate for an hour or so, then boarded the plane and made our way to our economy class seats, which were actually pretty damn good in themselves! We had loads of leg room, personal interactive televisions, and nobody sitting next to us which meant more room to spread out. I tell you what, if Air New Zealand is anything to go by, we’re going to absolutely love our next couple of months on the other side of the world. 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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