Day 118 – Sunday 18th September 2016

Our first day off, sort of…
The weather was so bad today that there was literally no hope of us making progress on the farm, or doing anything outside at all in fact. All hope of finishing the mulching was shattered, but our alarms went off at 07:00 so we got up and had breakfast like normal. Then instead of doing absolutely nothing we decided to go shopping with our hosts, who were in desperate need of a new hoover. 
We tried three or four different stores initially but had no luck, so headed to Cash Converters to see if we could find a bargain, which we did. In fact, we found loads of bargains! Not a single hoover though.
After a good couple of hours in the same shop, we walked out having purchased a $500 stereo, a $100 DVD player and 14 DVDs (including Pulp Fiction, which our hosts have never seen – unbelievable)! Then, having completely disregarded the hoover, we stopped at Liquor Land (what a name), picked up some booze, and went back to the farm to set up the stereo and have a few drinks. It was really nice and felt like an opportunity to actually get to know our hosts personally instead of just working for them. They recommended that we try Southern Comfort with L&P, which is one of those lethal combinations that doesn’t taste particularly alcoholic but has your head spinning after just a couple. We only had three each and then called it a night because we knew we’d have to be up for work again in the morning. 
We’re not sure whether today will count as a day off or not actually. I guess we kept busy all day, but didn’t actually do any work, so it could go either way. Oh and maybe we’ll finish the mulching tomorrow I guess! 


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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