Days 125 & 126 – Sunday 25th & Monday 26th September 2016

Two days off, consecutively…
We knew that we’d have at least one day off, but neither of us expected two in a row. Our hosts must have been feeling real generous though, because that’s what they suggested! 

Day 125 – Sunday 25th September 2016
We stayed in bed until 11:00 this morning which seemed super lazy at first, but then we realised that the clocks had changed by an hour, so didn’t feel too guilty. It was absolutely pouring down, so we checked the weather just in case it was due to clear up, but of course it was only due to get worse. 
Stuck for things to do it looked as though we were in for another day of watching movies, but then our hosts asked if we fancied going for a drive, which we agreed to immediately just to get out of the house. We had to head about three hours north to pick up some equipment, but only got as far as State Highway One before hitting standstill traffic. We turned off at the first opportunity and stopped at a pub for an hour or so in hope that it would clear, but then found out that there had been a fatal accident involving a car and a lorry, so we stood no hope of getting anywhere. 
We headed back, hit more traffic, and spent pretty much the whole day in the back of the car. To look on the up side at least we got to spend a lot of time looking out of the window at New Zealand, but then again on a day with low cloud and torrential rain it was pretty much worthless.
Just before bed our hosts said that we could have tomorrow off too, but only if we agreed to round two on the road, which we didn’t mind at all. We went to sleep with our fingers crossed that the weather would be a bit nicer in the morning so that we could make more of a day of being back seat riders, but appreciative either way because we didn’t have to do any work again.  
Oh and lastly, today marked four months since we left home. That’s a third of our trip out of the way already. Eight months left to go! 

Day 126 – Monday 26th September 2016
We had another lay in this morning, then checked quickly just to make sure that the traffic had definitely cleared, and headed north again just after midday. Thankfully the weather was much better, visibility was about as clear as it could be, and every now and then the sun even made a break through the clouds. 
We drove for about four hours, stopped for a bite to eat on the road, and then carried on along the coast as far as Whangarei. The drive was incredible, offered amazing views of countless islands (including Great Barrier Island, which was pretty damn impressive), and gave us a tiny glimpse of what to look forward to we leave the farm early next month and plan on renting a vehicle. I’m not sure just how far we travelled in the end but at one point I spotted a road sign which said that Auckland was 200 kilometres away, so yeah we got pretty far!
After picking up the equipment we took the scenic route home which was quite time consuming but again very worth it just for the views. Our hosts went well out of their way to take us on a mini tour and also gave us pointers for getting around on our own once we’ve left them, then they arranged a dinner date with some family and invited us along for food and drinks. We joined them, had a great time, and didn’t get home until fairly late. We probably spent a good ten hours out of the house, and maybe eight on the road, but it was still much more exciting than just staying indoors. We still love volunteering, but have a taste of New Zealand now, and really can’t wait to get out there again and start exploring!


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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