Day 127 – Tuesday 27th September 2016

A slow day of work for once…
This morning we spent about three hours clearing the yard and cleaning some of the adventure activity units ahead of an inspection which was scheduled for the afternoon, only for it to start raining around midday which resulted in the inspection being cancelled. Then, just to add insult to injury, the units that we’d spent time cleaning had to be left outside through a storm which means they’ll need cleaning all over again another time. Great.
We wanted to get our of the rain, so asked for an inside job and ended up having to build a wardrobe. We stayed out of the rain, kept warm and dry, plugged in the iPod and listened to music as we worked. By lunch time the wardrobe was done and we were supposed to finish for the day, but our hosts had one more thing that they needed doing and we agreed to help out.
All we had to do was proof read a company sponsorship application and offer advice on how it could be improved, which wasn’t particularly difficult and could be done from the sofa which was a bit of a bonus. We started off by highlighting grammatical errors (please, if/when you notice any on my blog, do tell me), then re-worded a few sentences which didn’t read very well. By page two we started getting impatient, and in the end decided that it would actually be easier to start from scratch than continue marking up the document as it was.
We spent the whole afternoon working on a new version and then sent it back to our hosts to get their approval before it was officially submitted. They picked up on a few things that they weren’t happy with, but I think that was more out of spite than anything else, because their version was so poor in comparison (though I hate to blow my own trumpet).
After dinner we watched a movie and then had a reasonably early night. Waking up at 07:30 this morning after two days off had definitely taken its toll on us, but at least we had a relatively easy day. I bet we won’t get another one like that for a while! 


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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