Days 131, 132, 133 & 134 – Saturday 1st, Sunday 2nd, Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th October 2016

Playing catch up…
It’s really not like me to fall behind, but apparently that’s exactly what I’ve done over the few days, so here’s a nice big post to bring you all up to speed!

Day 131 – Saturday 1st October 2016
Today we wanted do something more than just hang around watching movies or exploring the farm, so had a word with our hosts who agreed to letting us take their sons car out for a spin. His car, an old Mitsubishi Lancer, was pretty battered – but it got us from A to B. It was a little strange at first, sitting on the right side of the car and driving on the right side of the road again, but I guess that’s because we were both still stuck in Canadian/American (backwards) mode.
We drove to Papakura as we remembered our way there and didn’t fancy getting lost, then spent a good couple of hours wandering in and out of dollar stores. It was so nice to be able to do normal things again, like look around shops, even if they were mostly full of the same old touristy rubbish. 
For lunch we had Wendy’s, not only because it’s the greatest fast food restaurant ever in the world, but also because we haven’t had it since Canada and there’s no guarantee that we’ll have it again after we leave New Zealand. Oh they have free Wi-Fi too which was great and gave us the chance to send a few photographs home which we couldn’t do from the farm thanks to the limited connection there. Still, we didn’t want to waste our whole day eating and playing on our phones, so carried on to something a bit more exciting. 
No more than a fifteen minute drive away from the farm is Hunua Falls, which we couldn’t drive past without stopping to visit. There are two walking trails, one which takes approximately twenty minutes and the other which takes approximately three hours. We had flip flops on so went for the shorter option. In honesty it felt particularly average in comparison to Iguazu Falls which we visited just over a month ago, but having the chance to walk through a regional park on our own on a day without it raining left us happy enough. 
We headed back to the farm after that, then got strung into working for a few hours on our day off, but didn’t really mind because it felt a bit like a return favour for letting us use the car. We didn’t have to worry about getting an early night because we knew that tomorrow was going to be another day off, which was probably a good thing because a thunderstorm stopped us from getting to sleep until the early hours. So much for taking it easy when we’re not working! 

Day 132 – Sunday 2nd October 2016
The thunderstorm carried on throughout the night, then all morning, and didn’t hold back until the middle of the afternoon. We had no choice but to do the complete opposite to yesterday and spend a day indoors of the TV, but made the most of it by having a Back To The Future marathon. As surprising as it may sound neither of us had seen any of the three movies before today, but can now claim to have seen the lot after going through with a complete day of watching. 
We had countless cups of tea, which is oretty standard procedure for a rainy day, and then Abbie cooked chorizo sausages with grilled vegetables, homemade chips and a fresh salad for dinner, which went down really well with everybody. Only four of us were eating and although Ab managed to cook enough to feed at least six people, there wasn’t a scrap left over by the time we’d finished.
Weekends always fly by, but this one was over before we even had a chance to think about it. We are back to work tomorrow, but not for long – its time to start thinking about leaving the farm for good soon!

Day 133 – Monday 3rd October 2016
We had a day on the farm without anybody around to supervise us today because both of our hosts had to be somewhere, but before leaving they tasked us with pulling down rotten and broken fence posts before replacing them with new ones. As something we’d done before we knew that the work wasn’t that hard but would definitely be quite time consuming. 
We were meant to do as much as possible today and continue with the job tomorrow, but in five hours we had everything finished. Had we been asked to do the same thing a couple of weeks ago we wouldn’t have known where to start, which made us feel quite proud of what we’ve achieved here, even if it’s not much. 
We decided over dinner that we’d stay for just two more full days and then leave on the third, so had to make the most of what we had left. Our hosts promised not to be too hard on us for the remainder of our stay, but if there’s anything we’ve learned it’s not to trust them when they say things like that! 

Day 134 – Tuesday 4th October 2016
Today a safety examiner visited the farm to test all of the mechanical units, which meant a day of fun for abbie and I!
First we had to clean the rock climbing wall while it was standing up, which meant an eight meter climb in the process. Then we had to clean some inflatables, which included bouncing around on them. Lastly we had to repair a bungee machine and make sure that it was working properly, by using it of course. All in all, our morning didnt really feel like work at all.
In the aftetnoon abbie went shopping with one of our hosts while I stayed at the farm to help out with another few odd jobs. We worked the whole day through from 08:30 until around 19:00 which definitely didn’t go unnoticed, because once we’d finished we were treated to a trip to the local hot pools.
I love hot pools (which Abbie says bring out the Hungarian in me) but she’s not the biggest fan. Whereas I can lay for hours on end she starts getting restless after about fifteen minutes. We done well though, and stayed for over an hour before leaving, then grabbed Indian food on the way back. Alright we work really hard every single day, but our hosts always seem so grateful. Whenever we thank them for anything they reply with ‘no, thank you’, and its the little things like that which mean the most.


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