Day 139 – Sunday 9th October 2016

The beautiful Bay of Islands…
We’d already spent half a day in Paihia and it was quite clear to see that the Bay of Islands were worth more than just a one day visit. Today we decided to explore them a little more. 
Our first stop of the day was Waitangi Museum, where the Treaty of Waitangi was originally signed between the British and Maori back in 1840. Unfortunately admission cost $40 per person which we couldn’t afford, so we had a look from the outside and then carried on:

We walked along the beach for a couple of kilometers as far as the local tourist information center and stopped to ask for recommendations given that we only had one day to fit in as much as possible. Both staff that we spoke to suggested one thing, which we eventually opted to go for – a ferry to Russell:

It was only cheap, just $12 return per person, and departed every twenty minutes. Our tickets were valid for the entire day so we didn’t have to abide by a strict schedule which was nice, but we still made sure that we were on the ferry by about midday so that we could make the most of our time.
It took less than half an hour to cross the bay and by the time we arrived in Russell we were both peckish and chose to stop for lunch ahead of anything else. Instead of eating at one of the overpriced and overcrowded places along the shore we walked for five or ten minutes until places started to look a little more cosy. We both had fish and chips which was lovely, although for some reason that they offered salt and pepper but no vinegar, which was a little sad. 
After eating we studied our map and planned our next move, a trip to the Russell Flagstaff. To get there was a twenty minute walk uphill along residential roads which would have been fine had we anticipated how full we’d be after lunch, which of course we didn’t. For that reason the walk was a tad painful, but worth it nonetheless. At the top we were rewarded with these views:

It was back to the ferry from there, but not along the same paved road that we walked up via. This time we decided to take the slightly longer route through the bush, which had a path for high tide and a path for low tide. We obviously had no idea which it would be, but just as luck would have it we chose the high tide route as the tide was coming in, which resulted in half an hour of climbing along rocks against the clock like something you would watch on Ray Mears’ Extreme Survival.
We made it back safely without even getting our feet wet (which we were overly proud of) and then took the ferry back to Paihia where we decided to stay another night, not because it’s so beautiful or because we enjoyed it so much, but because it had free Wi-Fi. You see, as much as today was amazing, we had just one thing in mind this evening and that was Glastonbury 2017. Albeit another eight months away, tickets went on sale at 21:00, and we had our fingers crossed with credit cards at the ready just in case we got lucky. 
We’ve been to Glastonbury once before back in 2014 and I’m a firm believer that now matter where I go in the world it’ll still be my favourite place ever. Unfortunately, thanks to an awful concoction of website issues and Wi-Fi problems we stood no chance of ever getting a pair of tickets, but that’s where our mates come in! Thankfully Meg and Jake, two of our best friends ever, were on hand to get a pair of tickets for us. What a day! 
We didn’t get to sleep until around 01:30 out of pure excitement. It wasn’t even a busy night, we genuinely just stayed awake for ages talking about how great Glastonbury was last time and how amazing it’s going to be next time too. Based on our current itinerary there’s only about three weeks between the day that we get home after a year of travelling and the day that we leave again for another week at Worthy Farm. How about that for something to look forward to? 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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