Days 147 & 148 – Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th October 2016

Same country, different island…
After more than a month on the North Island it’s finally time to get out of here and see what the South Island has to offer. Once we’re settled in that is. 

Day 147 – Monday 17th October 2016
Today was a bit slow and awkward because our ferry wasn’t until 14:45 so we had a whole morning to waste. We woke up at 08:00, spent a few hours on Skype catching up with family, then had a late breakfast before checking out at midday. Even then it was still too early to head for the terminal, so we stopped in Johnsonville for a while and then carried on to Wellington where we waited for about an hour before boarding. 
On the ferry there was a cinema but the only movie being shown was Bridget Jones’ Baby. Abbie chose to watch the movie alone because I wasn’t particularly interested and it cost $13.50, so I sat on my own outside and listened to the iPod instead. Everything else on board cost a fortune but looking out of the window was sufficient enough to keep me entertained. It took about three hours to get to Picton from Wellington but the ferry followed a beautiful route along the Cook Straight and Tory Channel, past Dieffenbach Point then into Picton Harbour. 
Upon arrival we couldn’t decide whether to find the closest campsite and head straight there, or drive for a while before stopping. Neither of us were tired so we ended up driving for just over an hour as far as Nelson where we spent the night in a pretty basic but inexpensive campsite. There hasn’t really been enough for us to build an opinion on South Island just yet, but I’m sure that’ll come sooner rather than later. 

Day 148 – Tuesday 18th October 2016
We headed into town bright and early this morning where we found that everything was either too expensive, a bit boring, or both, and for that reason decided to leave. Before setting off we stopped at the Information Center to make ourselves a mini itinerary for the next few days, then headed for State Highway Six which we took for about four and a half hours as far as Punakaiki. 
We arrived quite late but found a beautiful and secluded campsite which was reasonably priced too:

We planned on going for a stroll along the nearby beach, but then Abbie whacked her head by accident and didn’t really feel up to it. Instead we made dinner and stayed in the van which turned out alright in the end, besides Ab’s poorly head of course, because it actually started to rain. We made a few changes to our plan for the morning to try and make up for a bit of lost time this evening, then got to bed when the Wi-Fi was turned off at 22:00.
I’d say that’s about enough time spent settling in now. Tomorrow we hope to really get going!


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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